Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly Together With Saving Your Money

eco-friendly homeAny decision you take to make your home more eco-friendly is not going to benefit you alone. Though you will save money and live in a cleaner environment, you will also be doing planet earth a favor. The surface temperature of the planet is increasing at an alarming rate. And everyone including you can contribute towards a sustainable environment by following some few simple tips.

There are many ways you can make your home eco-friendly, save money and make the world cleaner but we have listed 10 ways you can start now. So, read like you are reading essay writing and make your home eco-friendly.

  1. Prioritize the Use of Natural Light

The design of your house and location will tell how much light it would receive. And if it is such that more natural light can come into your home, then use more of natural light than electricity.

Only use electricity when the sun is down – especially during night hours. Ensure that all bulbs in your home are switched off when the day is bright. You save the world 1.22 pounds of Carbon dioxide by keeping your lights off for an hour.  And you can save about 10 percent of energy when you constantly open the blinds in your home to allow sunlight to come in.

  1. Get Energy Efficient bulbs

Using energy efficient bulbs is an ideal way to reduce your energy consumption and reduce your electricity bill. They shine brighter like others and may last longer too. So, start today – replace all the bulbs in your home with energy efficient ones. They are not that expensive.

  1. Use Socket Extensions

With Socket extension leads, you can manage all the different appliances in your home with ease. When most of your appliances are connected to the single extension socket, you can turn everything off from the extension. You will hardly forget not turning off your appliances.  As a matter of fact, socket extensions can help reduce your electricity consumption by about 15 percent.

  1. Compost Kitchen Waste

You can reduce the amount spent on kitchen waste disposal by turning kitchen waste into compost. Separate your kitchen waste into those you can compost and those you need to dispose of like that.

  1. Recycle and Reuse Every Waste You Generate

Most items you dispose or think are not useful are very useful. You never know unless you sit down to think of several creative ways to reuse them. Take, for instance, if you have glass jars, you may decide to be storing leftover foods in them than recycling. Another thing you can use them for is to grow small herbs.

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  1. Change to Energy Efficient Cookware

Another way to make your home eco-friendly and save money is to use energy efficient cookware – this can save you a lot in electricity consumption. Energy efficient cookware includes ceramic or silicone dishes and glass. They are termed “energy efficient” because they help to reduce the cooking temperature and save energy consumption.

  1. Grow Indoor Plants

There are things people do that pollute their environment unknowing to them. Some include the painting of walls and placing of a new carpet – which is a good thing that enhances the look of the home. These things release chemicals that can pollute the air. But you can clean the air in your home naturally by growing indoor plants. Your health will improve greatly as a result of the clean air you are breathing. The Spider plant is one of those plants you can grow in your home to purify the air that circulates in your home.

  1. Use Wool Blankets

Wool and polyester are two fabrics people use as blankets. They are great materials to use, but wool is more eco-friendly to produce compared to polyester. So, if you are more conscious of the environment, then choose wool blankets.

  1. Make Use Of Solar Panels

Most of us have too many electronics at home that increases our home electricity bill. Instead of using your home electricity to charge your electrical appliances like laptop and phones, you can install smaller solar panels to do so.

  1. Turn Down your Thermostat

Reduce your thermostat to about 1 – 2-degree centigrade to save money. Surprisingly, you can save up to £60 annually with that.


You do not need to make any major life changes before making your home more eco-friendly. You only need to make few changes and adhere strictly to your plan. You can start by taking a bold step today to reduce unnecessary expenses and make your home healthier than it is. Implement these tips to make your home more eco-friendly.

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