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Key Steps On Helping To Make Your Next Drive More Eco Friendly

With all the hustle and bustle of city life, you may end up tired and stressed. Each day, city living gets busier and busier, you’d end up so busy that you sometimes forget to stop, take time to relax, enjoy the smell of flowers, and feel the breeze. And even if you try, all you’d see are buildings and cars everywhere. Getting yourself in a car, and driving away from the city can be a great way to make a connection with nature. However, a drive can take a toll on the environment. If you’re going to hit the road, you need to figure out ways to make your trip more efficient and more eco-friendly. Drive More Eco Friendly

  • Make sure your car is tuned up and serviced. A car that’s well-tuned is fuel-efficient, which makes it more eco-friendly. When planning to drive long distances, you need to make sure that you get your vehicle serviced and checked before starting on your journey.
  • Fill under-inflated tires. Unscrew the valve cap, use an air compressor to know your tires’ pressure, fill your tires and watch the compressor’s gauge to know when to stop pumping air into your tire.
  • Fill up with the right way with the proper fuel. Don’t top off your car’s tank with extra fuel to avoid fuel spillage and increased chances of vapors escaping from your tank. Also, make sure you’ve used the fuel that’s compatible with your car. This ensures that you won’t lose fuel economy, power or acceleration.
  • Make sure the engine remains at the ideal temperature. If your engine is too cold, it’s efficiency is reduced. So make sure to have your radiator and cooling system checked by a mechanic, to boost your fuel economy and avoid a costly repair while on the road.
  • Plan your trip ahead of time. If you plan your trip, you’d be able to avoid getting lost, losing fuel, the constant usage of mobile gadgets to find your way, and going on unnecessary turns.
  • Plot your trip on the map. Take an actual map, and plot your route on that map. This will help you guide your way without the need to keep taking out any mobile gadgets and will help you avoid driving longer than you should.
  • Use the cruise control feature. By using your car’s cruise control, you’ll be able to maintain a steady speed, ensuring that your gas usage is as efficient as possible.
  • When you’re on standby, avoid going idle. If your car is at idle, it uses up half a gallon of fuel for every hour. To avoid wasting fuel, when making stops, turn off your car. In every stop, you should gather your every need, and everyone that needs to go to the bathroom should go.
  • Bring snacks and charge your gadgets. Before starting your trip, make sure that all your gadgets are fully charged. You could also turn off your gadgets, which will ensure to reduce your carbon footprint and make people socialize while on the trip. Also, if you bring water and snacks, you’ll avoid stopping just to buy them.
  • Pack wisely. If you load your car with too much luggage, you’ll end up reducing your car’s fuel efficiency. To avoid doing this, plan out what you need to bring. Also, keep things you’ll continuously need within reach to prevent stopping just to take them out of your trunk.
  • Don’t put your luggage on the roof. Avoid putting a bike rack on top of your car, as this may cause a decrease in your car’s miles-per-gallon performance. Also, a cargo box on top of your roof can reduce your fuel efficiency by almost 25%. That said, put all your luggage in your trunk.
  • Pack lightly. Remove all unnecessary luggage, such as storage boxes you’re not using, and throw out all your trash at every stop. Think about the weight of everything you’re bringing with you on your trip, don’t pack as if you have an 18-wheeler available to lug around all of your luggage.
  • Take a bigger car. Taking a bigger car, especially if you’re traveling with a large group, is more efficient than taking two cars. If you make use of a bigger car, you wouldn’t need to divide your group and luggage to make them fit. Also, avoiding the necessity of taking more than one car would lessen your carbon footprint. It will also make travelling more comfortable for the passengers. See more about comfort in your vehicle.


Please keep in mind that you’re able to enjoy the nature while traveling because there are ways to travel long distances while still being conscious enough to be eco-friendly. So, to help save the environment, even while driving, remember to have your car checked and tuned up, plan your whole trip, and pack your luggage wisely. Wouldn’t it be more fun if you know that you’re traveling and enjoying the trip while also helping to save the environment?


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