Ways to Select the Best Industrial Air Cooler

The industrial air cooler are also called industrial evaporative cooler or industrial swamp cooler. These devices are well known for satisfying individuals by offering them a fantastic cooling effect in almost any situation. These amazing systems are employed in the dry climate areas as an effective and affordable cooling solution. They likewise fulfill the requirements of vast indoor areas as well as factories with their powerful cooling effect.

Unlike the conventional air-conditioners on the market, these industrial coolers are more effective in terms of consuming energy. Being eco-friendly, these amazing devices operate by lowering the heat through the evaporation of water and also moisturizing the air. Moreover, as compared to the regular outdoor fans, these coolers tend to be much more robust and effective. At present these are employed in several key locations including manufacturing units, factories, workshops, hangers, and construction sites. Fitness centers, garages, farms, patios, and large tents are other places which also make use of the industrial coolers.

What Types of Industrial Air Coolers Are Appropriate for your Place?

1. The mobile industry air cooler
It is possible to operate these devices from almost anywhere including any outdoor work location or a warehouse building. Mobile workers who are always on the move and who cannot endure high temperatures will likewise prefer these coolers.

2. The installed industrial evaporative air cooler
The big industrial or commercial settings mainly use these coolers which are operated by transferring hot air to the outside. A wide range of industrial coolers are available including window-mounted cooler, down discharge cooler and slide discharge cooler. In most cases, these devices can supply cool air up to 30,000 m3/h every unit.

3. Effective Ways for mounting extent coolers
It is the air direction which ascertains the range of any external air cooler. This actually means how the air outlet is faced by the cooling device.
(i) Wall or window-mounted evaporative air coolers have the ability to cool a room or house apart from the garage area.
(ii) Cooled air is released by the down-discharge coolers which are positioned on the rooftop. The air targets, that descent into the target structure directly, can be employed to cool the entire house.
(iii) Lastly, the slide-discharge coolers are usually positioned on the side of any structure as well as the rooftop. An elbow is utilized by them for overcoming the wind via an opening at the top. This will be able to offer a cooling effect to the entire house.

Is an installed industrial evaporative cooler superior to an air conditioning unit?

Conventional air cooling processes can prove to be costly or even unproductive while combating very high temperatures. This is most common when you’re operating a big industrial plant. Nevertheless, you will come across industrial coolers on the market at present having innovative hose attachments. Their primary intention will be to enable recycling at a reduced cost. These coolers also include fitted water tanks to achieve the same purpose.

– Industrial coolers function in open areas
These industrial coolers which are quite affordable are likewise known to produce hundred percent fresh air. Moreover, similar to the air conditioner, they likewise do not recirculate the same air. This fresh air aids in enhancing productivity plus maintaining better levels of concentration. Besides these, it also helps any person to feel good. These conditioning devices are ideal for workplaces, small industrial areas, and other domestic units.

– Low-cost operating expenses for an Industrial Air Cooler
An evaporative air cooler can provide the majority of the industrial buildings with a cooling solution. However, it is more costly to install this type of air cooler as compared to a conventional air conditioning unit. In this way, inherent candidness is perfected. Moreover, it does not entail much to operate this equipment since there is a small pump for circulating the water. Apart from this, the fan’s low-pressure drop also helps the cause. All these expenses are only a portion of what it would cost for operating a similar air conditioning based system.

Effective Ways to Pick the Appropriate Size for Industrial Swamp Coolers

We employ the cube meter per hour or CMH of air blown for rating an industrial evaporative air cooler. You’ll come across an uncomplicated formula which will help you to figure out the appropriate size of these coolers.


P.S.: The Air Exchange Times Needed Under Different Situations

Top 8 aspects to take into consideration while picking one such unit

Different types of maintenance systems are required by various industrial plants at present. The primary intention will be to help these machines and equipment perform at their best. A competent and reliable industrial air cooler happens to be one of these main systems and appliances. They help the overall environment of the industry to remain safe as well as well-maintained.

1. Motor
Unlike the conventional AC compressors, the evaporative coolers happen to be more affordable. This is because, they simply need to pump the air, and compressing of a refrigerant gas isn’t required. In fact, only 1/3 horsepower will be required to operate a residential swamp cooling engine. On the contrary, a residential AC compressor will be approximately 3 to 4 hp. In case AC fans are likewise included, it has been observed that the evaporative coolers make use of lesser energy.

Axial fans versus centrifugal fans
Amongst the primary versions of the centrifugal fans, mention may be made of a forward-curved plus “backward-inclined” unit. While the centrifugal versions are approximately 60% effective, Axial fans happen to be approximately 70% efficient these days. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to go for the axial airfoil fan with the direct drive cooling device units.

2. Cooling pads
These components help to keep the coolers remain extremely effective along with the humidity levels in the surrounding air. It is inexpensive to install and replace the Aspen pads since they are more effective, unlike the synthetic ones. In fact, you can easily replace and change a pad given that they are more biodegradable, unlike the synthetic ones. We likewise refer to the cellulose cooling pads as honeycomb pads since they resemble a typical honeycomb. Also, low maintenance will be required for these devices which are not only inexpensive but also more efficient.

3. Noiseless functioning
Not much noise is emitted by the blower motor.

4. Overload protection cooler float valve
The most significant feature of this particular unit happens to be an automatic thermal-overload switch. Its main function will be to shut the motor off in case it overheats, following which it is going to restart.

5. Remote control window cooler
It is employed for operating a machine, for example, turning off the water pump or adjusting the fan’s speed.

6. Absence of water
You can easily turn off the water pump during humid and cold days.

7. Operation without any halt
There is no need to refill a water hose after connecting it to the colored water supply.

8. Durability of industrial air coolers
The metallic components don’t become rusty even after they become exposed to inclement weather thanks to the corrosion-resistant polyester material.

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