How Bad Sleeping Habits Affect Your Workouts

The best way to get that awesome curvy figure to be proud of is by eating right and hitting the gym. Exercise is key to shaping that body and getting you the muscles and figure you want just in time for bikini season, ladies! But when working out, have you ever felt tired or groggy, resulting in a bad routine? It might not be what you ate or your overall mood but by your sleep! Yes, girls, your bad sleeping habits can cause quite a change with your exercise, and not in the best way. Read on and let me show you how bad sleeping habits affect your workouts and how to remedy that.

How Bad Sleeping Habits Affect Your Workouts

Here are the three common bad sleep habits and how it affects the way you exercise:

Not Enough Sleep

If you have an early workout, you may be wondering once you wake up: “Why am I so tired in the morning?” Not only does it tempt you to go back to sleep, but you end up feeling groggy and not giving your all. That’s because you probably didn’t have enough sleep the night before. If you have trouble sleeping or sleep for less than six to seven hours, it results in you feeling weary and tiring your muscles. Same goes for having TOO much sleep.

So you’ll need to create an effective sleeping schedule and stick to it, focusing on around eight hours of sleep a day or what your body craves for to remain energized for the morning ahead.

Sleeping In the Wrong Position

Yes, sleeping in the wrong position will result in neck or body pain, especially if you choose to sleep on your stomach or without the correct support your back needs. And because of the pain, you’ll feel when you get up; you’ll have the sore muscles that won’t be able to give all the energy while working out! To help reduce the body pain, you feel after sleeping; you need to practice the optimum sleeping position, which is by your side.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach and opt to sleep with one adequately-sized pillow on your head and neck to provide support. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees helps as well.

Eating a Huge Meal Before Sleeping

If you have been wondering about having a weird feeling when trying to fall asleep, it may be from what you ate beforehand. If you eat huge meals right before turning in, then chances are that it causes discomfort and symptoms of heartburn, which results in you waking up feeling bloated or too full to exercise when you get up! To avoid that bloated and tired feeling when you get out of bed for exercise, opt to eat lighter meals before sleeping or have your last meal about three hours before bed.

In Conclusion

If you want to achieve new fitness goals and feel confident with your body, then you’ll want to make sure that you don’t only eat and exercise right, but your sleep is balanced as well. If not, then your body may suffer the consequences! Remember, through the right amount and quality of sleep, you will thrive throughout your workouts and have that banging body ready for your next vacation!

I hope that I helped you become more knowledgeable on how bad sleeping habits affect your workouts. So don’t wait any longer and start correcting the way you sleep today. You won’t regret it.

For those who have any queries or would like to share your tips and experiences with sleeping and exercising better, do post your comments below. All insights will be greatly appreciated.

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