Love Your Kitchen: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Space

love your kitchenThe kitchen serves as a place to gather with family, enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and for some, relax and get creative while cooking a delicious meal. Many people have an aversion to their kitchen though because of minimal space or disorganization (not to mention a disdain for cooking). These tips below can help you transform your kitchen into a room that’s welcoming, efficient and inspirational.

Divide Your Kitchen Into Work Zones

If you’ve set up your kitchen without much strategy, you may want to rework your layout into five kitchen work zones:

  • Consumables: Where you store food, which includes the refrigerator, pantry and cabinets
  • Non-consumables: Where you store everyday plates, bowls, glasses and silverware
  • Cleaning: Where your sink and dishwasher are located
  • Preparation: The countertop area or island where you prep food
  • Cooking: Where your stovetop, oven, stove/range and microwave are located

Kitchn recommends mapping out these work zones for efficiency and convenience, from unloading the dishwasher to prepping ingredients. Store your most-used dishes near the dishwasher for easy transfer. Prep your food closest to the stove (you may want to minimize objects on your countertop). The goal is to store items in the right zone to improve your cooking and cleanup flows.

Maximize Your Wall Space

The biggest challenge for small kitchens is where to put all your stuff. First, test your storage by instinctively putting everything away place. Then, assess the items that made it to the hard-to-reach shelves. Could you live without these?

Once you declutter, turn to open wall space. Tools that hang utensils and other kitchen items relieve space in your cabinets, while adding a bit of aesthetic (hang a plant too!). Wall shelves provide a home for canisters, jars, spices and wine glasses. Hanging your pots and pans helps with organizing these clunky objects and makes them easily accessible. You can also use clothespins to hang towels or build a wooden mug rack to display your mug collection.

Turn Your Kitchen Into an Ally for Healthy Eating

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home — it’s where loved ones gather to enjoy good food, drinks and company. But sometimes, the kitchen is a source of failed diets, sweet treats and snacking binges.

Transform the kitchen into a nutritional sanctuary by stocking utensils that support healthier cooking, like a rice cooker, blender, professional-grade knives that you can get from checking out Kamikoto’s facebook page, and cutting boards, says Homedit. Introduce natural hues of blues and greens, which promote healthy eating by creating calmness. Also, display foods like oranges and lemons in a bowl. Not only can these displays encourage eating fruit over junk food, they add color and brightness.

Remodeling a Kitchen That’s Non-Workable

In some situations, the kitchen requires an overhaul. This is an opportunity to build a brand-new space customized to your needs. Take the time to research cost guidelines for remodeling a kitchen. Look tips on specifications, price breakdowns and any additional costs like project management charges or moving appliances. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you rehabbing to fit your personal lifestyle?
  • Are you respecting the architectural integrity?
  • Are you investing in quality cabinetry?
  • Are you researching for the right appliances for you, and not the cheapest or top-of-the-line?
  • Are you maximizing the entire space, from floor to ceiling?
  • Are you creating a functional design?

If you can answer yes throughout your remodel, then you’re on the right path toward a dream kitchen.

A small space is often a challenge for a kitchen, Evaluating your needs and goals for your new kitchen in several key areas will help you create a realistic appliance-purchasing strategy. So, selecting the best kitchen appliances for your new or remodeled kitchen.

Improving your kitchen can be a large project or simple addition. It could mean some rearranging or innovation. No matter the size of your effort, you can enhance your experiences by strategically laying out your kitchen and creating aesthetic appeal.

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