How to Lose Weight Quickly Without Damaging Your Health

lose weightHow to lose weight is a question, almost every one of us asks once in our life. In the time we are living in, things are working in a way that even the slenderest of person is getting affected by the unnatural and junk food.  But the good thing is we care, that is why we keep our struggle continued to achieve the desired body.

In the journey to shed some pounds, unfortunately, we forget that to be slim and smart, it is not just about your appearance but your health too. We tend to eat so little or workout so hard that we neglect our health.

We all need to lose weight quickly, and I understand that, truly, but if you are not careful with what you are doing you may cause more bad than good to your body. Here are some side effects of losing weight fast without proper guidance.

  1. Liver issues
  2. Loss of lean muscles
  3. Loose skin
  4. Gallstone

Losing weight is easy if you are dedicated and have proper guidance, and the results can be quick and efficient too. If you are looking for a quick path to weight loss then gastric sleeve weight loss is a safe option to quickly lose weight as long as you follow all of the precautions after the surgery is done. A healthy diet should accompany the surgery for maximum results.Following are the ways in which you can lose some weight without damaging your health.

  1. Consume Fat

When on a diet we are so afraid of fats that we do not realize that to consume fat is important to lose weight. Experts who use to tell us not to include fat in our diet are stating the opposite now. According to studies, fat keep us energized throughout the day but to be clear consuming fat does not mean having it too much. Just a little would be enough to keep your diet balanced.

Eating with efficiency is all that matters, click here for the recipes that will help you eat and feel healthy.

  1. Have Balanced Food With Variety

We have heard this since we were a little child that to live happy and healthy, it is essential to indulge yourself in a properly balanced diet. Every vitamin, calcium, protein, carb is essential for us but in an adequate amount.

  1. Be More Active

Being active is essential, and by being active, I do not mean to workout, here it means to do your chores and errands b yourself but of course keep a window for some rest too.

Check out how to lose weight fast with exercise.

  1. Change Your Eating Habit

This may seem unnecessary but trust a person who has been amazed by the result of changed eating habits. Try to have smaller portions of your meal than before and eat slowly and chew more. What happens is our brain takes twenty minutes to understand that we are full. If we eat slowly, we not just eat less but feel full at the end of our meal which would help us not to grab an extra snack to fill up our belly.

  1. Stay Conscious

I am diet conscious, and people make fun of me more often, but I know that it is better to be conscious than naïve. To stay conscious means to know what you are having and when what would it do to you in the longer run.

Author bio: Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she’s on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at

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