HCG Injections – To Take or Not To Take the Shot

Are you planning to get HCG injection and start the HCG diet program to lose weight? Take a moment to read the benefits and the ignorable side-effects of the HCG Injection so that you can take an informed decision. Talking about benefits only or side-effects only does not give you a holistic picture of the whole scenario. So, here we are talking about both the aspects. But, before we proceed towards the benefits and side-effects let us have a look at the basics of the HCG injections.

A word about HCG injection and its effectiveness in weight-loss

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is a hormone that is produced in the body of pregnant women. The primary function of this hormone is to break the fat stored in the mother’s body to give nutrition to the fetus if the mother does not intake sufficient food. It is this fat utilizing a feature of the hormone that is the base of the HCG diet.

The persons wishing to lose weight are to take as low as 500-calories a day so that their body gets deprived of the required nutrition. And, HCG hormone is injected into their body that breaks the stored fat to give the body the required nutrition. By this method, the body gets its required nutrition from the stored fats and consequently loses the weight.

Benefits of HCG

When HCG hormone is injected into the body and the person supplements it with restricted calorie intake, it can give lots of other benefits in addition to the commonly known benefit of weight-loss.

  • Muscle Preservation – HCG hormone injected in the body makes sure that you do not lose weight by losing your muscles. If you lose your muscles in place of fat, your body metabolism can go off-track. So, it is necessary to ensure that your muscles are preserved while you lose weight.
  • Increased Metabolism – HCG hormone is also noted for increasing the body metabolism. When your body metabolism is working fine you do not only remain healthy but your body is also able to burn calories at an increased rate. When you achieve a stable metabolism with the help of HCG hormone you can rest assured to lose weight in future without much trouble. In the simplest word, you’ll gain a control over your body weight.
  • No starvation, no binge eating – The biggest problem with any diet plan is that you are left starving with lack of food. The moment you feel the starvation reached its peak point you start binge eating thus reversing all your weight loss efforts. HCG injection, as discussed above, utilizes your body’s stored fat to give you the energy. This is the reason you do not feel starved and are saved from the risk of binge eating.
  • Enhanced testosterone levels in males – Studies have shown a considerable rise in the testosterone level of males taking the HCG dose. The HCG hormone is noted to enhance the overall sexual and reproductive health in males. This is the reason experts suggest males with erectile dysfunction and other reproductive issues to take HCG injection even if they don’t have any weight loss goal.

Side-Effects of HCG

While we would like to say that HCG is entirely risk-free we cannot say because it is not the truth. Many users have lost weight without any complications but there are a number of people who have registered some side-effects and complications due to the HCG injection. The noted side-effects of HCG injection include:

  • Vomiting and Diarrhoea in some
  • Acne
  • Breast tenderness
  • Bloating
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Swelling and redness at the injection spot

What to do for reducing the risk of any side-effects

To keep yourself safe from any side-effects and to leverage the benefit of HCG to the full extent, you should first consult your doctor. Although the original HCG diet programme began around 1950 with injection today oral pellets and drops are also available in the market. How do you know if you should get HCG injections or not?  Perhaps, you should at least once consider reading about the oral methods before deciding anything.

Who should not opt for HCG weight loss program?

Like any other medical treatments, HCG too is not equally beneficial for each individual. There are some categories of people who must stay warned against HCG weight loss programme.

  • Pregnant Woman – If you are pregnant you should not start HCG diet plan at any cost. If you are not expectant, you can start HCG diet plan but take care of not getting pregnant during the course of the diet. And, if you anyhow get pregnant, consult immediately to your HCG diet supervisor.
  • Cancer patient – A person suffering from cancer, especially cancer related to dysfunction of male hormones, should not go for the HCG diet.
  • Early pubescent – If a kid is getting into puberty earlier than the normal age he/she should not be given HCG dose in any form.
  • Allergic person – If you are allergic to anything forming a part of HCG medication you should definitely avoid HCG diet plan. But, even if you have any other forms of allergy, HCG might not be a good choice for you. However, you can start an HCG diet course if your allergy has been cured but be sure to confirm it with your doctor as well as the HCG consultant.
  • Seizures – A person with a case or history of seizures should also stay warned against HCG. You should not risk yourself by opting the methodology of getting slim.
  • Migraines – If you have or had migraines, you better stay away from the HCG or you may experience some complications.
  • Heart or Kidney disease – If you have a complication with any of your major organs like heart or kidney, you’ll like to search some other way to trim your body.


Hope the information helps you in making an informed decision about losing weight through the HCG diet plan.

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