How to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Healthy

We all know it’s impossible for a human being to nearly reciprocate all the love our dogs give us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best. One way of showing our four-legged friends we really care is really taking care of them. We should do our best to see to their physical and mental well-being, so here are a few pieces of advice where to start. Of course, these are just the essentials and there is so much more you can do for your pets, but you need to begin from something.

Good Food

Just like with humans, food is essential for your dog’s health. Whether you opt for commercial or raw food, make sure it provides your beloved pet with all the necessary nutrients. Diet affects your dog’s weight, teeth, eyes, fur, and what not, so it’s important to do it right. Also, as you probably know, it’s a source of immense joy for your canine.

If you choose industrial pet food, pay attention to the ingredients and make sure the producer is honest and transparent about them. Also, check the expiration date. If it’s likely to outlive both you and your pet, you might want to avoid it. Raw food diet is suitable for the vast majority of dogs, it is just important to ensure it is balanced and contains all the necessary nutrients for you mutt’s optimal health.

You can easily assess whether the food your dog eats is suitable for them just by looking at their leavings. So, before you use that doggie bag and throw it away safely, make sure that there’s no change in the quality and consistency of it.

Good Exercise

Physical activity is really crucial both for your dog’s health and happiness. And yours, as a matter of fact. Regular walks go without saying, but make sure you have some extra fun activity. Consider going to the doggy park, of course after you take all the necessary measures and make sure your dog is ready for it. Spending time with other dogs can really make your pet’s day and make him very happy. Just make sure you follow the dog park’s rules, such as cleaning your pooch’s poop and the likes.

If you have a suitable body of water nearby, I’m sure your doggy will appreciate a good swim and enjoy spending some time in water. Also, if you’re going hiking or cycling in the nature, make sure you don’t forget your best friend. He’s sure to enjoy it as much as you, if not even more.

Food and Exercise for the Brain

Yummy treats and a good a run are the basics, but your dog needs more. So try to keep him entertained while keeping his brain busy and agile at the same time. Get him to learn new tricks and commends every now and then. Depending on your dog’s breed and ability, try to provide an adequate mental stimulus. From more complex games and puzzles to basic things, just make sure the pooch’s brain is active.

Good Communication

Good communication is the basis for every good relation, right? So if you want to build a strong friendship with your four-legged pal, it’s important to learn to understand him. Unlike us, dogs can’t tell us what they need so the only way to understand them is to observe carefully and pay attention to every detail. In time, we’ll learn the dog’s way of telling us different things.

Also, by careful observation, we’ll be able to notice any changes in the pet’s behavior and react in time. So besides teaching and training them to understand our commands, it’s crucial we learn to listen to them and recognize their needs.

Clay Miller
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