Go Green: Top 5 Negative Effects about Industrialization and Development

industrializationIt is clear that the dawn and rise of industrialization, the environment of this planet has paid a huge and terrible price for the development of industry. Though it has helped us all to live what we believe to be more advanced and civilized lives, it has also caused so much damage to the planet that it may be too late, just when we are starting to understand what has been done.

The Damage Done

The dawn of the industrial age was between the years 1760 and developed through 1840. It is known as a “revolution” because it was a major change in the way textiles were produced. With the introduction of improved and speedy textile production, it became obvious that further advances were needed to maintain the trend and to keep it rising.

After this time, industry and development became the mainstay of society, mostly across the globe, with the exception of third world countries which had not yet been given the opportunity for production on such a large scale.

At the same time, you would think these countries would have been less prone to pollution and other problems from industry, but this is not true. In reality, they became the dumping grounds for more “civilized” nations to spew their industrial waste upon.

In the event you are dealing with potentially contaminated land, you will want to get advice from a contaminated land consultant as soon as possible to see what types of toxins you are dealing with as well as the potential to clean up all of these toxins so the land can be usable.

What We Don’t Know

There are certain specifics about developmental pollution we don’t ever think about. Before hormones in meats or pesticides on produce even became a public issue, those toxins were used to an extent that they had already been in the ground and the water supplies ever since. There was and is no escaping pollution and the consequences of it.

Everything that is manufactured, everything that is put into the water supply, everything that goes into the ground, all of it is going to end up back in the water supply. To make it all worse, once humans like us have all consumed those poisons, the by-products come out in urine and feces, only to be flushed down the toilet, sent back into the water system and the whole cycle begins again.

In fact, there are pharmaceuticals, particularly hormones, which do end up in public tap water. This means that almost everyone is getting a good dose of estrogen and other toxic compounds every day as long as drinking unfiltered tap water and eating foods made with it.

How Do You Win?

The only way to win is to use the services of experts to determine if a given area of land has the level of pollution necessary to warrant significant caution and also if it has potential for being recovered and “healed” as such. It takes time and knowledge, as well as work, to make the land good again.

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