American Power and Gas Takes Corporate Responsibility to the Next Level

American Power & GasWhat is the primary focus of most businesses in the start up scene? Of course, there’s the bottom line and the drive to make a profit, but the truly great companies also turn an eye toward social responsibility. American Power and Gas does just that. They strive in many ways to support their communities and to encourage their employees to do the same.

Two of the biggest ways American Power and Gas CEO Tom Cummins and his team help their community are through supporting a variety of housing projects and by hiring veterans to work within their ranks. They also encourage their employees to suggest charitable organizations for the company to contribute to. To date, they have helped a wide variety of organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, and others. They are also deeply involved in supporting the arts through various campaigns, such as their music grant, which is aimed at helping artists gain the exposure they need.

American Power and Gas has gone from a small start up to a very successful business with hundreds of employees, and they are committed to sharing their wealth by giving back to their community. Their energies are focused in five major areas, namely:

Air and Environment

This is of paramount importance to the company as a supplier of renewable energy. Whereas traditional energy suppliers deliver power to their customers through the use of fossil fuels that are damaging to the earth, American Power and Gas provides their customers with power options derived solely from wind or solar, which is a sustainable energy source that causes zero greenhouse gas emissions.


As mentioned, American Power and Gas is deeply committed to lending their energies and resources to charitable causes. One such initiative is the raising of funds through energy. In various ways, they work to help other organizations make their dreams a reality.

Food and Water

To help combat world hunger, the company has created a program that allows customers to donate one meal per week to less fortunate children. To date, thousands of meals have been donated to those in need globally.


Cummins and the rest of the organization are fervent believers in recognizing the value veterans can bring and the contributions they have made to the country. To show their appreciation, they place priority on the hiring of veterans to join the team.

Business Assistance

They are committed to fostering entrepreneurship and growth of other companies as well. To that end, they offer companies the opportunity to participate in their gift card program. When new energy customers enrol, they are offered a selection of gift cards to participating businesses, thereby helping to stimulate the local economy.

These are just a few of the ways that American Power and Gas is focusing a large portion of their efforts on social responsibility and on giving back to the community that has help to build and support them over the years. They are constantly innovating and finding new ways to share their wealth, success, resources, and expertise to make their community – and the world – a better place.

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