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5 Shocking Things You Need to Know About the Holistic Health Debate

The word holistic is derived from the Greek word halos, meaning whole. Holistic health is therefore a health approach that looks at each issue as a part of the whole. Western medicine on the other hand, drills down to a molecular level. Splitting genes and molecules to find cures.

Here, we will briefly discuss five shocking things you need to know about the holistic health debate.

  1. Insurance Companies Hate Holistic Medicine

Most insurance companies do not cover holistic health remedies. If you are threatened by an Invokana amputation, for example, and decide to seek holistic treatment, your insurance company will not automatically cover it. They may consider it on a case by case basis and opt to pay selectively.

This is a major impediment for holistic health methods and practitioners. As the debate rages on, insurance companies are silent stumbling blocks for greater adoption of holistic medicine.

Acceptance by insurance companies may open holistic medicine to the masses. However, as long as they continue to reject holistic approaches, it is unlikely that the public will be informed by the alternatives.

  1. Both Medicines Are Derived From the Same Substances

For all the animosity between holistic medicine and big pharma, they share very similar roots. Major drug discoveries such as quinine and penicillin came from nature.

While big pharma scoffs at holistic medicine methods such as the use of herbs, meditation and other natural remedies, they continue to derive remedies from the same sources.

This shocking reality plays out in the background. Meanwhile, in the foreground the public are led to believe the best remedies come packaged as a pill that originated in a lab. In short, some medicines are derived from the same substance but packaged differently.

Make no mistake though, chemically altered medicine still carries extreme potency.

  1. Doctors All Agree on This One Thing

Most doctors will tell you, off the record, that holistic medicine makes sense. However, they will never agree to be quoted on this. Why? Because they get paid when they prescribe pills, not when they tell you to meditate for an hour each day. For example, there are many ways of dealing with a smoking addiction but only a few of those ways are profitable.

This disconnect is made worse by insurance companies, as we mentioned earlier. While doctors know the power of western medicine, they also know its limits. They know that where western medicine ends, holistic medicine begins. In some cases, they may even be willing to admit it is the better option.

Like all things in life, there is no clear cut winner. The true answer to the debate lies somewhere in the middle of western medicine and holistic treatment.

  1. Western Medicine Has More Side Effects

This is the worst kept secret of western medicine. Medication side effects are a huge problem. The FDA knows it, doctors know it and patients know it too. Holistic medicine, on the other hand, has little to no side effect. As we previously mentioned, some drugs lead to amputations while others carry a whole slur of side effects.

This alone should win the debate for holistic health but unfortunately, it has not. Perhaps the ad and lobby dollars in western medicine are simply too overwhelming for holistic medicine proponents.

This shocking truth hides in plain sight and keeps big pharma alive and kicking, even as they churn out poisons in the name of medication.

  1. Holistic Medicine is Cheaper

Holistic treatments are surprisingly cheap! If you are prescribed one hour of brisk walking, an hour of meditation and two cups of green tea, see how much that will cost. On the other hand, take a pill of this and a pill of that and two other pills of that will add up pretty fast.

This shocking truth is unfortunately not seen by most patients who are burdened with high medication bills. Holistic medicine is focused on addressing the root cause. Medication is, on the other hand, focused on only managing symptoms.

When you consider all these shocking truths, you wonder why holistic medicine has not won the debate already. Unfortunately, capitalism does not thrive where there are no profits to be made.

Medicine is a booming business and major companies will do anything to ensure patients keep purchasing medications made in their labs.

As we stated before, western medicine has its place. It is potent, effective and life saving. As is holistic medicine. Both have a place in the community but please contact your doctor before making any changes in medicinal habits.

Clay Miller
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