5 Tips to Become an Eco-Friendly Driver

eco-friendly driverIf there is one trend that is expected to be more popular year after year, it would be being green. From households to offices, a lot of people are going the extra mile just to become eco-friendly. This holds true even when it comes to driving. A lot of drivers are being more conscious about the impacts of their actions on the environment.

If you want to become an eco-friendly driver but you have no idea on how to do so, read the rest of this short post and learn from some of the tips that I will be sharing.

Know your Route

Before you get your hands on the steering wheel, it is important that you know how to get to your destination. Going around without an idea of where you are heading can waste gas and can contribute to gas emissions that can be a risk to the environment.

It will also be a wise idea to invest in the best truck GPS. Through the use of a navigation device, you will not get lost as you will have a trusted guide to provide you with turn by turn directions. This means that less energy will be wasted since you know exactly how to reach your destination.

Keep your Tires in Check

As a part of routine maintenance of your vehicle, you need to keep an eye on your tires, making sure that they are in their peak condition all the time. This is not only for safety, but also one of the best ways by which you can go green.

Having underinflated tires can pose a problem for your car. This means that it will be squishy, and hence, unable to provide the traction that is necessary. In turn, this is going to require more effort from the engine, which will make it consume more gas. On the other hand, when the tires are inflated as necessary, it will be more efficient in terms of gas consumption.

Limit the Use of your AC

Heat is one thing that is hard for anyone to bear. When you are driving and when it is extremely hot outside, it can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, the A/C is to the rescue. Your car’s cooling system will give you unparalleled comfort, but it is also one of the factors that contribute to the biggest chunk of your gas consumption.

To become eco-friendly, limit A/C use. If you are driving at night or when it is cold outside, consider opening the window and breathe fresh air. Park in the shade and use window shades so that heat will not penetrate the car when you are parked. You should also dress lightly, especially during long drives.

Check your Load

Another good thing to do is to lighten your load. Take off the unnecessary stuff that could add weight to your car or truck. This is not only going to make the interior cleaner and more organized, but it will also help you to save gas.

If your car is heavier, it is going to consume more gas when you are driving. If you often store golf and ski equipment, among other things, get rid of them when they are not needed. If you have a roof rack, remove it if it is not needed, and this can lead to up to 5% improvement in fuel economy.

Harness the Power of the Sun

We have not yet reached a technological feat wherein a car can run entirely on solar energy. Nonetheless, this does not mean that there is no way to use the sun to become an eco-friendly driver. There are accessories that can be charged using solar power instead of being plugged into your car.

You can consider using a solar-powered charger to beef up your phone’s battery instead of charging them in your car. There are also solar powered Bluetooth car kits if you want to enjoy music while you drive.


Follow the things mentioned above if you want to be a driver who is concerned about the environment. Aside from doing greater good, you will also save gas and money in the long run if you keep in mind these tips.

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