3 Office Upgrades to Make Your Company Greener

More and more companies are skipping the paper towel and choosing to install environmentally friendly dryers such as the dyson hand dryer. But that is not the only change you can implement in the office in order to help save the trees and the planet. Here are 3 more office upgrades to make your company greener.

  1. Opt for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Office Products

The sort of appliances and products you allow in your office can go a long way towards making your office more eco-friendly. And you don’t necessarily have to break the bank for this. For example, energy efficient appliances are becoming more affordable (on average they cost under 5% more than regular appliances) and cost less to operate in the long run. If your budget is an issue, you can concentrate on only the set of products that make the most impact.

You can choose to use non-toxic cleaners, or insist that your cleaning company uses such products when working in your offices.

Also you can insist on using strictly recycled paper or going paperless in the office by keeping things digital. A 2014 study carried out by Catalog Spree and Paperkarma revealed that if the US could reduce its use of paper by as little as 10%, gas house emissions would drop by 1.45 million metric tons (which is about the same as taking 280000 cars of the streets for a year).

  1. Bring Together a Dedicated Sustainability Team in Your Office

office upgrades meetingA dedicated sustainability team can help educate employees on the need for sustainable practices, and also help implement whatever changes you choose to adopt in a bid to help the environment.

Peer-to-peer exchanges and suggestions are going to be much more effective at driving change, and making it stick than faceless memos from the top office. A sustainability team could help inform activities such as eco-friendly purchases, use of non-toxic cleaning supplies, and supervise recycling programs.

Your team could also carry out periodic inspections of gas/energy usage to assess progress.

Another less obvious advantage of a sustainability team lies with PR. Your team could organise lunch-and-learn sessions with local energy departments and waste disposal authorities. This accomplishes two purposes: your employees get informed by experts in the field, and stakeholders get to see how committed your company is to saving the planet which can only help your brand.

  1. Choose to Use Green Energy Plans

Never before have renewable energy sources like wind energy, and solar, been more accessible than they are now. Take advantage of that. Available innovations like wind farms and rooftop solar innovations that your company can easily adopt to meet its energy needs while staying on the green side of things.

Most  electrical suppliers in deregulated states even offer green plans to individuals and businesses that choose to become eco-friendly in that respect. These green plans offer energy that is generated from renewable sources like wind and solar, and to make them more attractive options, they are priced competitively compared to other plans that offer energy generated by traditional sources like natural gas and coal.

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