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Things You Should Remember When Having Movers Move Your House

No matter how much you have tried to avoid the stress, the day when you had to relocate is finally around the corner and it means lot of physical and mental exhaustion. Like many others, it is likely that you might have hired a moving company in Portland to take care of all your moving needs. Unfortunately, while it is true that moving experts are meant to take care of a major chunk of your moving needs, it does not mean that you are free of all the burden and are not required to put in any effort.

Many people end up finding themselves in last minute troubles despite hiring movers. This is because they have not made adequate preparations in advance. This can result in a number of problems which may include items being lost, items being mishandled and extra time and costs among other things. If you want a well-coordinated and smooth moving process, here are some of the things that you should take care of while your moving company assists with moving your goods.

Timely Completion of Your Packing

Your moving company is responsible for moving your goods, but they need to be packed before they are moved. It is always recommended that all your items to be moved are packed well in advance. Make a home inventory list and make sure your items are safely packed and ready to load when your movers arrive at your doorstep. If you will keep the moving team waiting or will ask for their assistance with the packing, it will not only waste your time but might also trigger your costs.

Move Valuable on Your Own

Regardless of how reputed and well experienced moving company you have hired, there is always a risk of loss involved in the process of moving. No good moving company would want to take the risk of losing your precious diamond jewelry or you bank cards. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you keep all your precious items and valuables with you at all times and ensure that you move them on your own.

Do Not Pack Items That Are Not Allowed

You moving company is most likely to provide you with a list of items that are either illegal or hazardous and there are not allowed to be packed with your goods that are being moved. These could include items that are potentially flammable, explosive or corrosive and can cause harm to other articles or to any person who comes in contact with it. It is important that you double check your packages and make sure you have not packed any items that are not allowed in order to avoid accidents.

Label Your Packages Properly

Since you will be packing your items before your movers arrive, they will obviously be unaware of what is inside. Some packages might be needing special handling due to the nature of its contents. Moreover, your movers will also be responsible for unloading the packaged at your new location and would want to know where each of the box need to be placed. It will be helpful for both you and the movers that you label all your boxes clearly.

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