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Tired of Dumping Waste? Here is the Best Option to Recycle Them

Our household activities liberate a large number of wastes each day. But is it wise to throw them all in that dirty Municipal dustbin? I don’t think so. So, here is a super way to deal with them. A leading Recycling company is trying their best to recycle the used containers. Stay tuned to know more.


IBC Tote Recycling is a top company & a market leader in carrying out activities related to tote removal, sorting them out, packing them for the recycling process. The job is done so carefully in this company that it has proved to be one of the best companies in the nation.


IBC Tote Recycling is a massive program that undertakes the process of tote collection to their renewal by just their collection and their segregation. It is a well-known company since years for the tote management. It is located at Chicago IL, 60642. You can manage your wastes today itself by contacting to (708) 808-0326 or gather more information on You can just transport your tote today itself by registering on



The motive of IBC Tote Recycling is to provide an environment to people that is free of any kind of pollutants. Very few companies that are dealing with the disposal of used wastes have proved to be as efficient as them in fulfilling the purpose. The job of tote collection, its disposal to it renewal is all handled by the federal, state and the local Governments. This makes the company be more organized with all its duties. The company aims to guarantee its clients of a healthy, hygienic environment by the disposal of all the wastes.



To handle your wastes by this method you need to undergo some steps:

  • Step 1: You just need to log in to
  • Step 2: You need to fill your basic information regarding your name, your contact number and the number of totes that need to be disposed of.
  • Step 3: The processing of the request is done but this process requires some time.
  • Step 4: Now all you need to do is to take some snaps of the totes and also make arrangements for some safety data sheets.
  • Step 5: Submit the pictures in the required criteria.
  • Step 6: Once this request has been processed to, you will be automatically redirected to issue the Bill of Lading, which is often abbreviated as BOL. This step confirms a tote pickup process to you.

You might be wondering about why a picture of all the details is needed. There is a basic requirement of the pictures of every tote to know whether such a tote matches the company’s strategy to be picked up. Moreover, the Safety Data Sheets are a mandatory portion of the process because the Department of Transportation (department handling the procedure) requires all the details before dispatching to ensure that they do not contain any kind of radioactive elements. If a bit of radioactive substance gets transported due to carelessness, it may result in some deadly hazard.


After the initial processes have been completed and your totes are now ready to be transported on the basis of the quality inspection, the next comes the payment.

The payment method ensures you a payment on “the price per unit in a time” basis of your preference. The payment deals are made before any of the totes is picked up. This is a chosen to be a wise payment method because it does not include any kind of complications in the process. The payment schedule is totally decided upon the client’s decision.


Most of the tote collection programs aim to collect the totes on the basis of a part of freight payment by the customer. The customers may also go with putting a separate price tag on each of the totes. The process of tote collection under IBC tote recycling is a very reliable one because one has to never get harassed by any uncanny payment deals. Rather, the customer will get an opportunity to make money from the company if the tote has been qualified in the quality inspection test.


There are a series of advantage in such a tote handling process; some of them can be listed as:

  • Such an efficient method can be a very successful one because it helps in easy disposing of the waste, clear your space that is jammed with useless articles. This method is obviously free of many costs.
  • Wastes can be of many types depending upon the type. They may be biodegradable, non-biodegradable, biomedical or nuclear. It is not at all wise to dispose of them all together. This will rather cause a super unhygienic condition because the wastes have not been segregated rather tend to become a greater problem.
  • There is no point of creating new containers by the overutilization of resources. When there is a scope to recycle a waste and mold it in a better form, it is better to send them to recycling hubs.


There is never a crisis of trucks to transport your totes. When you have applied for a certain number of totes, they will be all transported well in time.  The government gives its best efforts to see to that the environment is cleaner by such a massive process. However, if you want the whole tote content to be transported to be in only one truck, the capacity of a truck is 60 IBC Totes at a time.


The answer to this question may be a Yes or a No. The tote will be taken for renewal only if it fills the criteria of being eligible to be transported. Moreover, it is transported on the basis of the quality of the tote.



This tote collection service is a massive program in the United States of America and has been one of the most successful programs around the country. Such a program is certainly very successful in its motive of attaining a clean, hygienic spacious environment to its people.

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