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Does Investing in Solar Energy Solutions Justify the Cost?

The average consumer in the US tries to pay their bills on time. Each year the price of electricity seems to be getting higher. There are various factors affecting electricity prices which consumers do not understand easily. Regardless of whether the consumer is able to comprehend the reasons for the inflation of electricity prices, the power prices continue to rise. Wealthy consumers have already converted to solar energy.

There are three main factors which will influence a consumer’s decision to go solar. The first factor is the amount a consumer is paying monthly for their electricity. The second factor is the amount of roofing or land available to deploy the solar panels. The third factor is the amount of investment which will be required for the initial project.

Savings on Electricity Consumption

Savings on electricity bills is the main reason consumers shift to solar energy solutions. Dependence on the government supplied electricity means that consumers will constantly be confronted with inflation charges. Electricity costs will go up but never down. Deploying solar panels consumers have the opportunity to use the electricity which is created by their own solar panels. In certain cases consumers can also sell excess electricity back to the main grid to make extra savings. Consumers have the option to straight up purchase the solar panels or get them on a lease. With the leasing option consumers will have to make a down payment and the rest of the money can be scheduled conveniently in easy installments. Consumers paying more than $135 on their electric bills can make significant savings.

Physically Installing Solar Panels:

There are two types of installations of solar panels. The first is the ground mounted option and the second is the roof mounted solar panels. Ground mounted solar panels are just as efficient as their roof mounted counterparts. The best part of ground mounted solar panels is that it doesn’t require drilling in to your roof or for your roof to be insured. Ground mounted solar panels will be more efficient than roof mounted because they will be installed at the optimum angle to catch sunlight. Roof mounted solar panels need to be placed on a south side facing roof at the appropriate angle to ensure that they receive optimum sunlight. If the south side facing roof is not big enough the installation may be deterred.

Purchasing or Leasing Solar Panels:

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, getting multiple quotes from different providers will give you more 10% more savings. Purchasing solar panels the more well-known or biggest solar providers will NOT give you a good rate. This is the reason why prospects need to shop around to get the best rates. If you are interested in a $0 down leasing program or the power purchase agreement, the well-known providers will be able to give you better rates. Before beginning to research in to the solar market determine whether you will purchase or lease the panels. Regardless of which option you choose you will be making significant savings on electricity monthly and yearly.


Author Bio:    Elizabeth Taylor specializes in delivering customized solar personal statements and advice to prospective clients in the north-eastern states. She is keen on finding the right solution for all of her clients understanding each client’s unique financial and physical requirements for the solar panels.

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