5 Habits That Are Actually Destroying Our Bodies

destroying our bodies - too much fast foodAccording to reports, more and more people are getting unhealthy due to one reason or another. Despite much effort to persuade people to lead healthy lives, nothing much has changed with over 35% of the US population being overweight.

However, being overweight is not the only problem. A lot of us regularly do things that harm our body, and many of us are not even aware of the hazards.

In today’s article we take a look at five habits that are destroying our bodies.

  1. Using Too Much Makeup

Most of us wear makeup to look good, but many of us are not aware of the side effects of doing so.

Quality makeup shouldn’t really pose a problem, but be aware of cheaper or fake brands. In a nutshell, you should only use products that are made for your skin type and make sure to remove all kind of makeup before you hit the bed so that your skin gets to breathe and repair itself.

Wearing makeup for too long or wearing makeup that is of low quality can cause severe damage to the skin and even cause an acne breakout.

  1. Counting Too Much on OTC Medicines

It is common for people to turn to over the counter (OTC) medicines to solve minor issues such as flu and headaches, however this can be a major problem in the long-run.

Our body gets used to certain medicines and loses its ability to fight diseases on its own. As a result, we become weaker and more dependent on medicines, which can be a very bad thing for our health.

This is the same effect that tranquilizers have on our mind. Those who use sleeping pills regularly are not able to sleep on their own as their bodies get used to the pills.

  1. Excessive Use of Heaters and Air Conditioners

Most US cities have extreme weather conditions, especially during winters, which is why a HVAC system is a must, however it can have a very negative effect on our health.

Artificially controlled temperature can affect our mindset and organs as well, this is why you should look for tips on how to efficiently heat a room.

Being in an AC room or under a heater for a few hours is okay, but long-term exposure can have serious effects. Drying of the skin is one such negative effect.

  1. Eating Unhealthy Meals

Consuming unhealthy means is the #1 cause of weight gain. We love junk food but many of us do not realize how it affects our health. It contributes to weight loss and makes us unhealthy. The excessive use of things like sugar, oil, and saturated fat in these foods is terrible for human health.

Besides making us obese, they can affect our mood, and even our ability to concentrate.

You should always consume a balanced diet that consists of lean meats, fruits and vegetables so that your body gets all the important nutrients that it needs.

  1. Having Low Physical Activity

Being lazy has several side effects including mood swings and weight gain. You must be physically active. If your job requires you to sit in a place for hours, make it a habit to join a gym or at least go for a 30-minute run everyday so that you’re active.

Being active doesn’t have to mean strenuous exercise and can involve just going for a simple, brisk walk every day.

Sitting at a desk all day is also terrible for our posture. Make a habit of walking around and stretching every hour, or even standing at your desk as opposed to slouching in the chair.

Clay Miller
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