Review: Deep Recovery’s Whole Body Kit

Deep Recovery Whole Body KitI have been a runner for over five years and over that time I have experienced and still experience my share of tight muscles and knots in my legs, hips, butt and back. Over the years I’ve used tennis balls, golf balls and a long foam roller to help loosen these muscles with some relief. Using these items could get a little tricky with the balls moving out of place or not quite being the right size for what I needed at the time. I was happy when Deep Recovery sent me their Whole Body Kit and two foam rollers to try. In all I received a Body Track, a Neck Track, five sets of balls varying in size and firmness, a travel foam roller and a firm travel foam roller. A DVD which contains a short video on how use each item to the fullest was also included.

12 Inch Travel Size Foam Rollers

These foam rollers are shorter than the rollers I’ve used in the past. With the shorter rollers you can get deeper into the muscle which is what I need for my inner thighs. This area definitely needs to be calmed down after a particularly intense run. I also roll my quadriceps, my IT bands, the back of my upper legs and my calves.

The size of the rollers is great in the fact that I can easily bring them with me while travelling. I already plan on taking them on vacation with me this year.

The black foam roller is firm while the green roller is softer. One of the many instances where you have a variety of options in the Whole Body Kit.


The Massage Body Track

I started with the softest balls first in the track and then worked my way up to firmer balls. Several times a week I’m working on my lower back, my IT bands and my TFLs (tensor fasciae latae muscles). I’ve never really had foot pain before but I can feel I do have tight muscles in my feet that do feel relief after a couple minutes of rolling. You feel relaxed after rolling and that will help for the rest of the day and into the next day. Making your next workout better.

The Body Track makes it so much easier than the old way of using tennis balls on either a hard surface or carpet because it is designed to keep the balls in place as well as the track itself. No more balls moving out of place when you apply pressure to them. You have five sets of balls to select from depending on the amount of pressure you need.

The Neck Track

This is great for the muscle knots in your neck. This relieves shoulder pressure and pain as well. I never could come up with anything myself that could get to my muscle knots like the Neck Track does. This can be very relaxing as the knots melt away. Since the Neck Track is raised inches off the ground you can lay down on your back and it will do the work for you. Find your tender knot and the Neck Track will do the rest.


I’ve already had big benefits from using The Whole Body Kit from Deep Recovery. I get a more efficient self-massage session that my previous methods. I can quickly change from one position to another. With the variety of the balls and the two tracks I know I will continually come up with the new ways to help ease my tight muscles.

I look forward to using this equipment and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has ever experience a tight muscle or muscle pain. I love the feeling of relaxed muscles and being able to sleep better after a self-massage day. I know you’ll like the design and the easiness of making yourself feel better.

Clay Miller
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