The Role of Technology in People’s Lives

role of technologyThese days everything in the world is based on technology. To keep pace with the fast running world, there are always some of the other innovations in the technological field. The newer scopes for the present generation have proved to be great in their aspects such that they have proved to be a source of livelihood for the people. So, one such technical hotspot is the city of Chattanooga which has proved itself the superpower in the fields of technology. Welcome to know about its 3D printing technology.


3D printing technology refers to the processes in which the materials are joined or solidified by means of the computer in order to give rise to a three-dimensional figure. The materials that are used most commonly are the molecules and the power grains which are packed altogether to give answer structure. This technology is used in both the rapid prototyping as well as the additive manufacturing. The objects that are crafted out by this technology are totally in the form of any geometrical shapes. The successive addition of the players gives rise to beautiful intricate designs. The term is usually associated with the binder material and the inkjet printer heads that are used to carve out layer by layer.
This technology is not only limited to printing surfaces of objects, rather is used to add designs to foodstuffs, clothes wear, surgical therapies and almost everywhere.


The process of printing is neither just nor limited to surfaces that are not to be consumed. Rather in the present day, this technique has also been used in the printing of the foodstuffs like the development of layer by layer squeezing which can give a beautiful look as well as the eastto the food. The three-dimensional look is an eye-catching one, especially for the kids. They can be used to print surfaces like the cakes, pastries, chocolates, and flat foods like crackers, pasta, pizzas and many others.

This process of printing is quite a common one in the city of Chattanooga and is gaining much popularity in the form of an innovation.

The foodstuffs that are generated by the printing are quite healthy because they can help in converting the foodstuffs like the algae, beetroots or rather insects into tasty food items. This can be done according to the choice of the people.


There are many technological start-ups in Chattanooga who are thinking of introducing newer themes in 3D printing in even printing the houses. This is also known as the cellular fabrication. It goes not go with the common 3D printing by the use of the thermoplastics. Rather it uses a 3D printing device that helps in solidifying the building material as a whole which comes in the form of plastic and carbon. Besides, this is done by the use of a robot. In this way, it has been thought that a total space of 25 feet wide and about 58 feet long surface can be printed. The printing is so modernized that it can print up along with an internal supportive framework and also a surface with foamy insulations which will be packed up with the conventional layers too.


No, obviously it is not about the “Liquid Petroleum Gas”. Rather, it is about the “Lamp Post Group” of the Chattanooga”. This works as the one stop shop for the venture incubation which helps in providing both the capital as well as the role of a mentor to the growing startups. The goal of the LPG is to make encouragement in the field of the fast and the independent growth in the field of finding newer companies, ventures as well as formulating newer ideas. It also helps in providing the resources in the form of the talents. One of the latest projects in the field of the LPG is the Tomorrow Building which offers a scope for having the affordable, proper living apartments in the innovative city of Chattanooga


Chattanooga has already proved itself to be the leading city with respect to its smart internet. Most of the people say that thepeople from the city can download an entire two-hour movie in just a minute. The economy of the state is totally internet driven.

At the same time, Chattanooga has proved itself to be one of the largest broadband systems all around the world. The goal of this broadband service is to make the city a place of sustainable innovation. This is evident from the expansion of the downtown region of the city. It is an attractive place for the young professionals, researchers, and even the urban cores.

Though the innovations were great and about 50,000 people used to work each day, there is a  problem of adequate housing which forbids the people from moving to the downtown region. So, there was a need for the stakeholders who could identify 22 downtown buildings to be renovated in order to accommodate most of the population and provide the man opportunity of nearness to their workplace. This effort was also put by the non profit development group. The properties that were aimed at were quite vacant as well as antiqued.

One of the newest strategies is a multi-housing project that is undertaken in the region. These will be packed up with 300-400 square foot co-livingspace which would be also a low one in their rental pattern.

The housing facilities have also been developed in a fine manner so that they can accommodate as many people as could be possible. But, the city is still a lagging one from the side of urban density.

A new study also suggests that the Chattanooga will have the privilege to introduce its newer fiber internet to newer municipalities which can sweep across the entire country. But the planning that has been present in the city is enough in accordance with the pattern it is using.



It is the fast running technology that has brought such great betterment in the field of income sources, newer business sources throughout the world. Had there been no such prospects of technology we would lag behind and could never increase the craze for the beautiful things. Thanks to the young entrepreneurs in fascinating such beautiful ones.

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