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Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

eco-friendly bedroom - organic pillowGetting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of any green and healthy lifestyle. So, if you are going green, you mustn’t overlook the most important part of your home – your bedroom. Your bedroom should serve as a sleep sanctuary that helps you relieve all the stress you have gone through after a long and busy day. Making a natural and eco-friendly bedroom isn’t just beneficial for the environment but also for your health and wellbeing. It is impossible to relieve daily stress and get proper sleep if your bedroom is pesticide-ridden and filled with toxins. Learn how to create a healthier and eco-friendlier sleeping environment.

Declutter Wisely

A clean bedroom is a relaxing bedroom. So, make sure you keep clutter away and be ruthless about what enters your room. Make sure junk doesn’t accumulate on your nightstand and that laundry doesn’t pile up on your chair. If you have too many clothes or bedding, recycle or donate it. Homeless shelters are always in need of warm clothes, pillows, and blankets.

Make a Wise Mattress Decision

natural latexDid you know that most mattresses include toxic flame retardants? Eco-friendlier and healthier option is to choose mattresses made from natural latex, wool, cotton or bamboo. Online  Mattress Buying Guides can facilitate the process of selecting an eco-friendly mattress and help you make an informed and wise decision.

Replacing a mattress can be quite expensive, so if you currently don’t have enough money to buy a new mattress, you should get a mattress cover. However, don’t purchase a cover that has PVC. Opt for food-grade polyethylene varieties.

Pick Used Furniture

If you are renovating your bedroom, instead of spending money on new furniture, use second-hand furniture. Second-hand furnishing is one of the easiest ways to recycle during bedroom refurbishing. Opting for second-hand dressers and nightstands is also healthier because any toxic finishes have already evaporated.

Choose low-VOC or no-VOC paints

When painting your bedroom walls, you should opt for non-toxic paint. Non-toxic paint is usually marked with low VOC or VOC free paints. Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that can severely jeopardize your health and wellbeing. Paint that contains high levels of VOC, usually has a strong smell that we associate with the “new paint” smell. Keep in mind that this kind of paint can emit toxins for years.

Non-toxic Floor Coverings

Eco-friendly floor coverings are made of hardwood, bamboo, or tile. If you prefer a carpet, get organic rugs that can be vacuumed or shaken outdoors to get rid of dirt and allergens in the most natural way possible. Avoid carpets made with benzene and formaldehyde or with xylene and 4-PC. These chemicals are toxic and may emit gasses in your home for years.

Eco-Friendly Beddings

All beddings that you purchase should be organic. Since purchasing organic cotton can be quite expensive, at least looks for sheets and blankets that are made of 100% cotton. Avoid buying sheets and blankets that are stain resistant because they are treated with Teflon. No ironing sheets and flame resistant blankets are also unhealthy. No-iron beddings are treated with formaldehyde, while flame resistant blankets are treated with toxic flame retardants.

Green Lighting Choices

Choose eco-friendly light bulbs to light your bedroom. You don’t need too much light in your bedroom, so avoid adding additional night lamps that will just sit there and consume energy. Make sure you always turn the lights out when you leave the room to conserve energy.

Making your bedroom more eco-friendly isn’t as difficult and time-consuming as it may seem at first glance. It is ok to start slowly and make one change every month. As you make changes, you will also notice improvements in your health.

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