Types of Eco-Friendly Security Locks

eco-friendly security locks - Mul-T-LockIn the past few years, alarmed by the global climate changes, more and more companies have started to develop environmentally-friendly products. You might not expect security locks to fall in this category but, thanks to reliable manufacturers and locksmith providers, you can now use such products without having to worry about the damage done to the environment.

In fact, security lock manufacturers have become committed to environmental protection, catering to the demand for such products. Keep on reading and learn more interesting information on the different types of eco-friendly security locks.

Abus Ecolution & “first green padlock.”

The green padlocks from Abus Ecolution have some distinct features, having eco-friendly coatings that are highly resistant to corrosion and lubricants used in the food industry. The vinyl covering is PVC-free, the packaging is all from materials that are either recycled or recyclable. You can expect these locks to deliver the expected level of security, with guaranteed environmental protection.

ALGATEC & Eco Series Electromagnetic Lock

If you are interested in the eco-lifestyle, this lock might be just what you needed. The eco-friendly lock developed by ALGATEC impresses with the reduced power consumption, PoE access control (improved energy efficiency) and immediate lock release. According to the manufacturers, the ability to use the power of the network for access control is the number one reason for which green users should love this product.

Securefast & SMARTlock

An eco-friendly lock should meet the demands of the user, regarding safety and security. Securefast has developed the SMARTlock, which is a green high-security access control system, recommended for both private and commercial clients. What makes it eco-friendly? It is all about the materials used, as well as the technology. The system comes with battery-operated access control, wireless communication, and a network through which information is exchanged. Welcome to the future!

Abloy & low-energy electric locks

Electric locks are the key to the security of the feature, guaranteeing an enhanced level of protection. However, often such products need a lot of energy to function, being anything but green. The low-energy electric locks from Abloy demonstrate that it is possible to benefit from eco-friendly products while meeting the necessary security standards. Distinct features of these products include the energy-saving technology, low-current consumption, and immediate lock release.

Mul-T-Lock & ENTR

Digital door locks have entered the era of sustainability, with companies such as Mul-T-Lock working to develop security systems that guarantee not only the safety of one’s home but also a green environment. The eco-friendly door locking systems boast some impressive features, starting with the fact that they are key-free, can be used with a digital key and guarantee a reduced energy consumption. All parts used for the systems are PVC free and compliant with modern environmental standards.

In conclusion, there are several types of eco-friendly locks which you can consider using for your home or commercial premises. Keep in mind that a small decision such as opting for a green lock can be useful in reducing the overall carbon footprint.

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