Seafood For Sale? Now You Can Buy Wild-Caught Fish Online

The seafood market isn’t what it used to be, and wild-caught fish are becoming hard to find. A small Seattle based company thinks that they can change things, and they’ve been doing a pretty good job.

wild-caught fishRead any health journal, diet book, or listen to Dr. Oz and you’ll hear the same thing reiterated time and time again; “Eat more wild-caught fish.”

So, trying to make healthy choices, you follow their advice and hit your local supermarket searching for the best wild-caught fish that you can find. Except it’s not so easy. You find the large Seafood For Sale sign, and begin looking through the shelves in the fish section. However,  almost all of the labels say “farm raised.”

Doesn’t sound quite like seafood, does it?

Farm-raised fish often spend their whole lives packed like sardines in small saltwater aquariums. They don’t develop the necessary muscle tissue to be high in protein, and stress chemicals are being constantly released into their bloodstream, often adding a bitter taste to the meat. This isn’t the way that fish were meant to be eaten.

The Rising Costs of Wild-Caught Seafood

So you spend some extra time digging around, maybe ask a sales associate, and finally, you find the wild-caught section. A small, little corner that everybody’s avoiding for one reason; the insanely high cost.

In the average supermarket, wild-caught fish cost up to 60% more than farm-raised fish. Most people aren’t willing to pay the extra cost, and quickly give up on their dreams of a healthy diet full of fresh fish.

An Unfortunate Reality

Thanks to the constant pollution of our oceans due to oil spills, waste dumps, and the occasional nuclear power plant leak, the ocean is a lot harder to fish. Combine the pollution with fishing boats who use mile-long nets to haul in a year’s worth of fish in one day, and the fish population is becoming more scarce every year.

Traditional fishermen have to travel farther offshore and stay out for longer to bring in a good haul. The extra work that they have to put in means that the price of wild-caught fish goes up. After the supermarket further raises the prices to meet their profit margins, wild seafood for sale becomes a luxury instead of a commodity.

Global Seafoods is here to change that.

Fresh Seafood For Sale, Delivered Direct To Your Doorstep

Global Seafoods is an online distributor that only deals with wild-caught fish. In fact, they’re so strict about quality control that they track each fishing boat back to its source and can identify where each shipment was pulled out of the water.

Affordable Prices

The best part about purchasing your seafood for sale online is it is far more affordable than your local supermarket. Without the expensive costs of maintaining a traditional storefront, they are able to sell wild-caught fish, shellfish, and even caviar at up to 50% less than your average supermarket can.

A Great Selection

Global Seafoods founder, Oleg Nikitenko, has spent the past two decades of his life in the fish industry building a network of honest, hard-working fishermen all across the country. Because of this, he is able to provide a wide selection of seafood ranging from Lobster to Tuna, and everything in between. They even have a great selection of smoked seafood as well.

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