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incense - welcome to the sanctityIncense is the wonderful aromatic composition whose fragrance makes us relieved from all stress of life. The incense makes us feel great by the enchanting fragrances and the pleasure some moments.


The incense releases the aromatic smells when it is burned. However, the term “incense” refers to the material itself and not the aroma associated with it. There are many aesthetic values of the incense like they are used in therapy, in meditation, in religious ceremonies and many others. They may also be sometimes used as the deodorants.

The increase is made up of aromatic plant materials which are combined with the essential oils. The way they are used is different in different religions. They can be burned by direct or indirect burning methods. The later takes the help of a heat source to burn. Theyare usually burnt in the form of the pastes that are stuck on the sticks or also ina conical shape.


The origination of the incense can be accounted much earlier. First, they were used by the Egyptians who used the incense composing of both the pragmatic capacity and the mystical ones. The faith was that they could keep them safe from the malevolent demons and call the Almighty by their fragrances.

In Babylonia, incense found the origination in the form of the prayer mediums to the oracles. Later these concepts spread around Greek to Italy.

Indus civilizations also give a wide account of the use of the incense. They were mainly used for the aroma. Later this concept was also widespread in India and many other Asian countries which were composed mainly of the roots and the floral extracts. There are important herbs like the Sarsaparilla seeds, the frankincense and also the cypress leaves that are great compositions for the incense.

Ancient China was also a prominent place for the development of the use of incense who mostly used it for the purpose of worship. The materials that were used were like the cassia, sandalwood, the styrax and many others.


There is a use of the incense in each and every culture. Though the motives are different in some of the other way, incense is always used as an important part of the culture.


Incense is burnt like chips which are especially used for the wedding ceremonies. The material is called the “bakhoor” which is a great symbol of the hospitality to the guests.


China has been the hub of incense over several years for the purpose of the religious ceremonies, the veneration, in medicines and many others. The material is “Agarwood” and also the use of Sandalwood is quite common. Incense has been always of basic importance to the Chinese culture and has gradually passed over the years to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia,and Japan.

There is also some incense used in China which are non-aromatic and the importance is given to the smoke here. They are usually composed of the Cinnamon.


India is the rich heritage for the use of the incense. They are found in the form of the sticks and are basically known as the “Agarbatti”. The paste that is used with eths sticks is the most important portion of the aroma. The incense that is used in India is composed of materials like the Rose, Sandalwood, and Lavender to name a few.

Besides the above, the use of incense has also found importance in Jewish culture and Christianity.


There are usually two types, the woody fragrant ones, and the floral fragrant ones. The most common example of the woody one is the Sandalwood which is taken to be a great medicine for the improvement of the emotional background. The floral fragrance increases the sense of love and affection.

Besides, there are some others like the watery fragrant ones and the Earthy fragrant sticks. The watery fragrant ones are there for giving calmness and allow the body rejuvenation with the earthly ones give a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Agni-  this is the camphorous aroma and is mainly used for prayers, meditations and also the ceremonies by the use of fire.
  • Benzoin– this is quite pleasant which has balsamic fragrance and gives a feeling of comfort and relief from exhaustion.
  • Sandalwood– this smell is a great one as an emotion enhancer. The spiritual meditation is best found with this material and the extracts are from the oils of the sandalwood.
  • Cinnamon– this material gives a warm, spicy and the woody fragrance which helps in keeping one fresh and comfortable. This scent also gives the sense o some lusty ventures.
  • Clove– this is a spicy smelling material used to liberate from the nervousness and the fatigues. The tranquillity it provides is spell bounding experience.
  • Green apples– these smells are quite exotic and one can enjoy the fragrances of the wild apples that can give someone a pleasant touch to the emotions.
  • Jasmine– this is yet another beautythatgives a soothing effect to the house and has been a well-known ingredient for healing melancholic
  • Rosemary– this is pungent and sweet smelling material that is mainly used in the Christianity which helps in strengthening the memory.
  • Violet– a beautiful fragrance well known for moderating the anger and also give a beautiful sleep.
  • Ylangylang– this is a sweet and beautiful aromatic material that can allow a person to cope up with many of the pressures of life. This material best soothes the brains.

Not only these, there are also some other enticing ones that can fetch all the pleasing experiences of life.


The incense industry is a leading market with a huge number of buyers because it is an essential commodity in many ways for import and export.

Vienna import is a leading importer of the best incense around the world. One may please himself with any of the beautiful fragrances from the above list to get the best pleasure of life.



The importance of the incense is quite emphatic for years and is also an important culture in many places. In some cultures, this is the basic important ingredient for the worship, to feel the sense of the Almighty. So, there are newer versions of the already existing ones to give the best choice to the customers.

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