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8 Ways Green Energy Will Help You Save Money

green energy can save moneyGoing green is both great for the environment but it also helps you save some money. While energy derived from fossil fuels can be quite profitable and offer remarkable power, they are harmful to the environment.

By making some changes in your tech appliances and a few habits, you can save lots of money in utility bills. Fortunately, doing this isn’t complicated and you can get started as soon as now. Here, you’ll learn about some of the ways that green energy can be good for your finances.

Switch to LED lighting

LED bulbs produce a light that is easy to the eyes and at the same time, it minimizes the costs of energy. As LED technology improve, it’s now possible to get a dimmable LED bulb that will produce a glow similar to what you get from an incandescent bulb. Basically, incandescent bulbs are cheaper than LEDs but the latter will last longer. In fact, the Department of Energy reports that LED bulbs will last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. At the same time, they are 25-80% lower in energy consumption.

The energy saved as well as extended lifespan will help you save on the utility bills and the amounts you’d have spent to purchase multiple replacements.

Make sure you winterize windows and doors

When your doors and windows are allowing some air to flow into the house, the heating system will be running for a longer time. It only takes a few moments to fix the issue and start saving energy and money.

To fills a gap or crack, you may use a waterproof sealant. On the other hand, vinyl and foam can be great for taking care of leaks on door and window frames. A simpler solution would be to tuck in a towel at the base of your door so that air doesn’t flow in.

If you prefer a professional approach with premium products, there are endless options available. For instance, there are insulation kits manufactured specifically for dealing with drafty windows. Basically, you will have to spend a few dollars to have all your windows sealed but you’ll also end up saving energy in the long run.

Embrace zone living

One of the best and effective ways of cutting on the energy bill is practicing zonal living. To illustrate, you will only be required to turn on the heat in the bedroom and bathroom in the morning to make it comfortable.

On the other hand, you won’t need to heat the living room when no one is using it. As such, you’ll only heat it a few hours before you start watching TV there. With technology, this is quite simple because you only need to get a timer that heats a specific area when it is needed. This will save you lots of money since you won’t be heating the whole house.

Switch off any appliance that’s not in use

Having multiple appliances running consumes a lot of energy more so when no one is using them. Always ensure to switch off any unused electronic device and ask other family members to follow suit. At times you can also turn off any appliance that is not constantly needed until when you are ready to use it continuously.

Besides saving the energy bills, you will also be preventing the occurrence of electric faults in case something is wrong with one appliance.

Install rain barrels

If you want to lower the water bill, you definitely need to pay attention to how this commodity is used around your home. The water collected from the barrel can be sued to water both indoor and outdoor plants. Also, you can use the water to clean your car or other cleaning chores around the home.

Barrels can be easily procured from various hardware stores and you only need to install it directly below the gutter. When fixed, it will also keep flood water runoff under control.

Go paperless

If you love physical banking facilities, it’s still possible to do away with printed statements. You can opt for paperless billing since it costs more to have the statements printed and sent to your mailbox.

At the same time, using plastic money is another way of going green. Basically, credit cards are more durable than paper money and its use lowers the paper in circulation. Besides, you stand to get rewards when using a credit card.

Nevertheless, this could be difficult for people with credit card debts. But if you can get a good debt consolidation plan, it is possible to get rid of the debt hanging on your shoulders. These just right loans come with several perks like a lower interest rate that help you save money you would have paid in form of interests.

Be smart with laundry

When you embrace smart laundry practices, you will ensure that your clothes last longer and at the same time you will be saving a lot of money in energy bills. The tumble drier may be a great appliance for your home but it also consumes a lot of energy.

You can opt to dry the clothes on the line. This will help you save more money that would have been used to pay for the energy consumed by a tumble drier.

Conduct an energy audit

After making necessary appliance and system upgrades, it’s good to pursue an energy audit. While some people will rush for the audit before making any improvements to their homes, it’s better if you used it to rectify issues that you didn’t know existed. Besides, you’ll be paying for the audit.

If you have the means, you should make it a priority to install a solar system or a wind turbine.  But if you can talk with your neighbors, maybe you can set up an alternative energy project to power your homes collectively.

Final words

The green energy trend has gathered momentum and it’s getting stronger. To start saving money on energy bills, you can start with the simple things in the house like bulbs and intelligent thermostats. Then later, you can pursue bigger goals like wind turbines and solar power systems.

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