The Benefits of Chemical-Free Damp Proofing Solutions

chemical-free damp proofingDampness is the most common problem which badly affects older properties. The reason might be that their infrastructure is dated or due to the failure of the existing damp proofing systems. But nowadays you have various processed engineering which protects the outer phase of your home. They are secure enough to assist in waterproofing, crack building, provide stronger adhesion, anti-carbonation and also come with easy use and maintenance. Most of them are chemical based products which perform pretty well, but the question is they safe for you and the environment? Do they bring any adverse effect on your health? Well, let’s discuss some points with respect to this matter.

At the very first stage, let’s talk about the conventional damp proofing. On the internet itself, you can find tons of companies and agencies which dare to provide best damp proofing services. But in actual sense, the traditional damp proofing includes creating a chemical blockade between your ground and the building materials, which further prevents uptake of water. Well, this might solve your damping problem but chemicals by default are harmful to Mother Nature. They will certainly create damage no matter at a slow pace but for sure.

On the other hand, chemical-free damp proofing aids in controlling the damp but it highly relies on natural processes. They work effectively well to lower the humidity and moisture levels within your premises. With a chemical-free process, you don’t have to worry about other parameters as it comprises a number of health, ecological and cost benefits for the humans.

If we compare these two damp proofing systems, you get the following benefits.

Firstly the Method:

With the chemical-free process, you are successful in removing the unnecessary moisture from your home and that also for a lifetime. But by applying traditional method, you just create a blockade between the damp and your house. Dampness remains and will not be removed by this process.

Secondly the Installation process:

As you apply for a chemical-free damp removing process, the entire procedure is carried out of your property, creating no mess or chaos. Also, you don’t need any re-plastering or re-decorating of your home. On the other hand with the traditional method, all the work is carried from inside of your property. This may lead to disruption and also create damages to your property. Also, there is less assurance that the damp proofing will be successful.

Thirdly the Cost factor:

If you go for the chemical-free damp proofing, then certainly the costs will be less. From the process applied and maintenance, everything will be pocket-friendly. But in the case of traditional methods, you have to pay the costs of purchasing the expensive chemicals and its installing process. Further, you need to bear the costs of re-decorating and re-plastering of the walls as well as damage costs in this system.

Fourthly the Environment:

With chemical-free processes, there is the huge safety of the environment and you get a natural airflow with a complete reduction on the causes of dampness. The traditional methods to overcome dampness uses harmful chemicals which produce chemical wastes. Also, this increases the carbon content in the atmosphere which is not healthy for the environment.


Chemical-free damp proofing comprises methods without the use of injected barriers, electrical or chemical substances. They offer you cost-effective solutions to kill the causes which create dampness. Even if you are managing dampness in ancient buildings, these processes will allow them to breathe. Traditional methods are not eco-friendly and they are costly enough. But, before you head to deal with the damp issue, it is entirely necessary to get the problem diagnosed by a qualified professional. With an unsuccessful repair, it can cost you much with the risk of returning of the problem.

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