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fun and fitnessLifting heavy weights like Ronnie Coleman or running miles like Mo Farah can’t come naturally to you. If you lack motivation to work out or doing fitness activities then you’re not alone. Believe it or not there are millions like you out there who struggle with motivation every time they think of fitness. You are taking your fitness goals more as a job or routine than something fun and enjoying. Fitness is a way of life and you can’t live life if it doesn’t have any fun in it.

So what is it that makes you set huge fitness goals but ultimately pushes you off track when it comes to achieving them? A major reason for this could be the repetitiveness in what you are doing. It could be the same exercises at the gym or jogging through the same area or simply listening to same music while doing these. The key to driving yourself out of such situation is to simply listen to your body and mind. Make your fitness activities not just a healthy challenge for yourself but also one that you love. A great way to have fun and fitness together is discussed in this post!

Compete With Yourself:

Competing with yourself is a great way to stay motivated. Tracking your progress at the gym and pushing harder makes it more fun. Keep small and realistic goals and then try to match them. A fitness tracker is a great way to track your progress. You can set benchmarks of your body stats like heart rate, calories, fat burned etc. For instance, set an average calorie burn count for one week and try to achieve it. If you succeed, push yourself a little harder and set a higher number for the second week. Setting training goals is a good way to keep yourself motivated and connected with your workout. When you eventually see you beating you, it will motivate you further.

Have a Workout Partner:

Having a workout partner adds fun, variety and healthy competition to your workouts. You can hit the treadmill together and see who covers more distance in less time. You can place bets to see who wins and the winner gets a free juice or protein shake. Your partner can be your spotter and help you with those few extra reps on the bench. You can also do exercises like medicine ball pass with two people. You’ll have light moments between your workouts which will make the whole fitness session more fun.

Try Changing the Music:

Music spices up your workout sessions. Good music makes you motivated but also adds fun to your workouts. Studies have shown that your mind and body get excited when you listen to some good pumping music. Your body moves in sync with the beats and you exercise better. But if the same music plays every day then you will get bored over a period of time.  Instead of getting motivated and excited, you will see yourself dragging through the workout. A good way to add musical fun to workout is by creating your own playlist. There are many mobile Apps which offer great workout music. Instrumental music from Steve Jablonsky or Ivan Torrent could be a good choice.

Join Some Fitness Classes:

Joining a fitness class or session will make your workouts more enjoying. Working out with different people and doing a variety of exercises does not let you get bored. You can join fitness classes like weightlifting, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, HIIT, cardio, and boxing where people workout in groups. A lot of people don’t get time to work out because of their busy schedule. Joining boutique fitness classes or modern day gyms allows you to work out as per your convenience. If you work late at night then you can join morning classes or afternoon classes. If you are a regular 9-5 person then you can work out in evening. Early morning or late evening, just figure out the best time for you and get going. A quick 45 minute fast paced cardio can burn as much as 400-600 calories.

Try New Things:

Studies have shown that your body gets bored if you keep doing the same exercises. It is advised to keep changing your fitness routine. Not only will this be very effective but also add a lot more fun in achieving your fitness goals.

If you’re looking for an intense workout then boxing is a great option. Boxing is a great workout for your upper body, abs and calorie burning. A 45 minute light bout can burn up to 350 calories.

Swimming is often considered as the best complete body workout. A quick splash in the pool is all it takes to get your body into shape. In summers, swimming is perhaps the best cardio exercise that you can do in open space.

Yoga, an ancient form is an excellent way to relax your body and mind. Not only does Yoga benefit the body but also improves mental health.

If you’re an adventure junkie then cross-country cycling, rock climbing, hitchhiking, and kayaking etc. are a good option. These activities improve your stamina, strength, and flexibility of muscles. You can make a group of cyclists, climbers or hikers and go on these activities over the weekends.

Play Some Games:

Playing some games from your childhood is always more fun than working out in a gym. Playing games puts fun into your life. Many fitness classes offer activities like hula hooping, rope skipping, trampoline, aerobics and dance workouts. If these look too much to you, playing softball with your kids is not a bad option. Playing Frisbee with your dog also acts as a good workout session. Tennis is not only a good full body exercise but also a great stress buster. Badminton also helps you burn those excess calories and shed love handles.

Get Some New Gear:

Wear some new clothes while working out. This will add some color to your fitness routine. Get yourself new shoes, sweatshirt, some wristbands and just see the difference. Buying some tech stuff to track your progress will add to motivation. Treat yourself to some new stuff each time you achieve short goals.

Get Rid of Aches & Pains:

There is no point pushing your body if it is already in pain. Avoid getting into any form of physical activity if your body suffers from knee pain, joint pain, or any other kind of pain. Doing exercise may further aggravate your pain and make you feel less motivated. Instead of enjoying your workout, you are most likely to drag yourself through them. Choose the correct kit and consult a doctor before taking up any fitness routine. Take proper nutrition as food is the fuel for your workouts. Lack of nutrition will make you get tired quickly. It may also cause stomach aches and muscle cramps.

So if you’re really struggling with your fitness regime then it is time to try something new. The key to success is to stay motivated and keep trying new things. Don’t let your body get bored with same old routine and minimal results. Set small goals and track your progress. Remember to enjoy small achievements and reward yourself.

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