How to Get Rid of Pet Hair on Carpets and Furniture

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair on Carpets and FurnitureAs much as we love our pets, there is certain hesitance we have with them inside the house. When our friends and family members are visiting, we need the house to be sparkling clean. No one likes having pet hair on their favorite couch! Avoiding intrusion of our pets inside the house may be difficult. But there are ways to get rid of pet hair without doing a lot. You can prevent cat hair from getting everywhere in the first place by getting a cat tree with a hammock. It will let you cat have a place to groom and will result in much less fur around the house.

The easiest solution for pet hair riddance is getting a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners use steam to rid any dirt, hair or unwanted materials on inanimate surfaces. If you don’t have a steam cleaner yet, read more on if you’re looking to buy one for your house.

Anyone can use steam cleaners, anywhere inside the house. From wooden furniture surfaces to leather couches, steam cleaners work phenomenally. They can clean out tiny pet hairs that otherwise seem invisible to the eye. Here are a few tips to follow once you’ve gotten a steam cleaner for your pet:

Use Vacuum and Steam Cleaner

When combined with the cleaning powers of a vacuum, steam cleaners promise endless spark on your floor. The first step to completely clean your floor or furniture is to remove excess dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Whatever dirt particles your dog or cat must have walked in will be first removed using the vacuum. Try to get a vacuum for pet hair that will be more effective.

Second step would be to use steam cleaner on the same surface. Not only will it remove fine hair but also any left out dirt particles. The steam cleaner will not only make the surface smooth but also avoid fine particles from settling in. Completing this two-step process, you will notice visible tidiness of your carpets and floor.

Use Dampened Rubber Gloves

Rubber works as an excellent substance to attract hair. Using rubber gloves may be the simplest method of removing pet hair from your furniture or even the floor. All you have to do is get a pair of rubber gloves, dampen them a little when wearing and rub the gloves over any surface your pet has sat on. The rubber will immediately attract any fine hair left on the surface. The surface, however, needs to be completely dry so not to react with the dampened rubber gloves.

Once you’ve rubbed the gloves over one surface, you can simply rinse off whatever is caught on them and they’re ready to use again. This is an easy and quick method to rid yourself of any pet hair that is left unneeded on your furniture.

Fabric Softener and Water

Another way of removing pet hair from your furniture would be to make a solution of fabric softener and water. Once done, pour the solution in a spray bottle and shake well before use. Once ready, spray the solution on the wooden furniture where your pet has stayed for some time. After spraying, you will feel as if the fine hairs have become more prominent. All you have to do now is to wipe off the visible pet hair using a sponge.

The reason for using a sponge instead of any cloth is to maintain the finesse and cleanliness of the surface. When using a piece of fabric, there may be some fabric particles left on the furniture. Therefore, use a dry sponge which will soak up the solution as well as the necessary pet hair from the furniture.

Use an Air Purifier

A final way to get rid of pet hair inside your home is by using an air purifier. Air purifiers are compact machines that draw air into a filter and remove the airborne contaminants that pollute it. This includes pet dander particles and animal hair.
If you live with pets that shed a lot of hair, you’ll find that you won’t have to vacuum as much when using an air purifier. That’s because an air purifier will do the brunt of collecting animal hair for you. In fact, if you use one of the best air purifiers for pets (recommended by Home Air Quality Guides) after a deep clean with a vacuum, you won’t have to clean nearly as much inside your home. Plus, the air inside your house will smell much fresher too, since air purifiers also collect particles that create pet odors.
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