Know How to Keep Your House Healthy By Using These 4 Tips

have a healthy house - radon testingThere is no place in this world that is even remotely as comfortable as your home. The best feeling in this world is the one lying in your bed, tucked in your comforter and enjoying a sound sleep. Even though your house might not be a palace, but it is just as grand as Birmingham Palace for you! If you are going to buy a new house or moving to a rented apartment, you must understand if it is fitting the needs of your family! The primary aim of any such acquisition is the safety of the family. Everyone would want a residence that is free from any potential hazards. And here we are not talking about the problems you might face due to the location or the various systems in the house, but because of its condition.

As safe and sound your house can be, there are still many chances that you may have to face a few problems in the house if it is not well maintained or looked after properly. With the building being old, there are chances of the various systems like the drainage system or water supply system or the power supply to have problems and cause a health threats. There are also major health risks involved if you are not careful with your house and do not keep making regular checks with the house systems.

Let us see how can you keep your house safe and healthy by following these few tips!

Regular cleaning of the house – a small or big house, whatever it maybe, it has to be clean. Just as important as is our regular personal hygiene, so is the regular cleaning of the house. Even if the thorough cleaning of the house is not possible, you must make sure that the house at least gets some superficial cleaning. Once in a while, you must hire a cleaning service for your house so that the professionals can give you a house which is not just free from dirt and stains, but also disease causing bacteria. Basically, when you see that the stains on the mattress are increasing in the number, it is time you hire a professional cleaning service.

Regular checks of pipelines – water pipelines run all over the house, to the kitchen, to the washrooms and many other places where the connection is required. If the house is constructed recently, you are saved from the hassle of checking and cleaning the pipelines for a good number of years, but if that is not the case with you, you must ensure regular checks. With constant water supply, there might be leaks in the water lines, blockages, rust and accumulation of unwanted substances which can contaminate the water and lead to various water-borne diseases.

Regular check of chemical levels – this is by far the most serious and most hazardous in terms of health safety. We use a lot of chemicals in our homes in multiple forms which can directly impact our health. No, we are not talking about your cosmetics and toiletries, but chemicals like asbestos, or lead and other harmful things which are in either direct or indirect contact with our body. Also, there are times when due to our location, we are subjected to harmful radiations like radon which is difficult to track but its presence is extremely harmful. Radon levels can be obtained by various detectors provided by companies like PropertEco which can also help in mitigation of this gas. But, the bottomline is that you must keep making regular checks to know the level of contamination by these products to safeguard the health of your family.

Planting a garden – well, there is no substitute to this! Having a lush green garden and plants around yourself is always beneficial for the health. It can be a terrace garden, or a garden outside your house, depending upon the location. The more the trees, the better is the air around you and clean air is beneficial for everyone! It is probably the easiest way to ensure a good environment around your house!


Author Bio : Martin Freeman is the Co-founder and Managing Director of PropertECO, a company that offers a wide range of services that focus on making buildings stable, environmentally friendly and compliant to safety standards.

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