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5 Great Uses For Honey & Why It Is Better Than Sugar

Are you the type of person that puts a spoon full of sugar in your coffee every morning, or that enjoys a post meal mint? If so, you might want to reconsider what sweet treat you spoil yourself with.

Did you know raw honey is actually sweeter than sugar and that it offers some pretty incredible health benefits that sugar does not? More and more people are starting to realize the health benefits honey has to offer, and for that reason, many of them are making the change.

It’s actually pretty simple since you don’t need to add honey to your diet like you might with a supplement, but can instead simply substitute it for any time you would use sugar, such as to sweeten coffee or tea.

Let’s look at some of the incredible uses for raw honey.

Honey Relieves Acid Reflux

The first benefit that you get when you start using honey is a reduction in the symptoms of acid reflux. Acid reflux affects millions of Americans, and many of them even suffer from chronic acid reflux disease that requires them to take very strong prescription medication to treat it.

But, honey is a natural treatment for reducing the amount of acid that is able to come up through the esophagus and healing the injuries that cause acid reflux in the first place. While honey is not a “miracle cure” for acid reflux, many who use it should see a reduction in symptoms.

Honey Balances Blood Sugar

Another thing that honey does is help you balance your blood sugar. You have probably felt the spike in energy that you get when you drink a soda or take sugar in some other form. You also probably remember the crash once the sugar is digested and no longer in your bloodstream.

Well, these spikes can be really bad for you, and can not only contribute to diabetes, but make for a very unhealthy situation for some people that have diabetes. Since honey is digested much more slowly, it enters your bloodstream naturally and gives you energy for longer without the sudden crash.

Honey is an Effective Cough Syrup

You’ll be glad that you use honey when cold season comes along. Many people develop coughs during cold season that they have to deal with until their immune system kicks in and gets rid of the infection. What most people end up doing is using cough syrup or lozenges. But, there is a good reason to use honey when it comes to colds and infections.

First of all, honey is a wonderful replacement cough syrup, and may be even more effective than the cough syrup that you might get at the store. But more than that, honey is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which can have an impact on your body’s natural attempts to fight off colds and infections.

Honey Improves Digestive Health & Treats Nausea

Something else that you might not realize is that honey actually improves your digestive health. Many people have seen significant improvement on gastrointestinal conditions due to honey, and there have even been laboratory tests done that clearly show positive results.

That’s because honey can improve healthy gut bacteria. Honey has a unique property that allows it to feed good gut bacteria but to fight off the harmful stuff.

In addition to this, honey can also be a great treatment for nausea, especially for the morning sickness that is famous among pregnant women.

Honey Can Help You Lose Weight

You might not realize this, but honey actually has more calories than sugar. This leads many people to believe that if they want to lose weight then they should avoid honey and keep using sugar. But, there are three reasons why this is totally bunk.

First, honey is a lot sweeter than sugar, so it takes a lot less to get the same amount of sweet.

Second, honey can actually coat your gut and help with appetite satiety.

Finally, honey provides nutrients that your body needs while sugar does not.

All three of these things can actually make honey help you lose weight and reduce your caloric intake.

In Summary

The bottom line is that honey is a much healthier sweetener when compared to sugar. There really isn’t any good reason to not make the change from sugar to honey. It is an all-natural sweetener with a lot going for it.

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