10 Homes That Look Better With Green Roofing

The idea of green roofing is not entirely new but it sounds a little complicated and the installation may seem expensive at first blush. But the revolutionary idea of switching to a sustainable living roof brings more benefits to the owner, the community, and the environment. Here are 10 homes that we love because they look better with green roofing.

  1. The Meera House

The Meera House is located in Sentosa, Singapore. Guz Architects designed and built this house with a living roof on a new housing estate, surrounded by buildings. The strategy was to build solid walls surrounding the property for added privacy because the neighboring properties are close to the sides. Each level of the house’s layered structure provides a splendid view and a roof garden base for the lower story.

  1. Black Beauty Tierra Villa

More than having a green roof, this beautiful retreat house is surrounded by a lush greenery of the natural forest. Situated in Ostional, Costa Rica, you can rent this exotic 3-bedroom villa for your weekend getaway for around $600 per night.

  1. The Stone House

This unique and mesmerizing residence is located in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam and was developed by Vo Trong Nghia, a Vietnamese architectural firm. The well-thought-out design and intricate details were integrated into the surrounding natural landscape, making it seem like it is part of the environment. The torus-shape, the fact that it has a living roof, and the stone walls built with dark blue stone make this house stand out.

  1. Riverside Weston Residence

This enchanting residence in Connecticut with a modern but simple green roof offers a relaxing abode that connects dwellers with nature at all times. The contemporary design with minimal decor and glass wall brings the outdoors inside.

  1. Villa Bio in Barcelona

This beautifully designed contemporary residence situated in Barcelona, Spain was a work of a renowned architect, Enric Ruiz-Geli who collaborated with other renowned designers such as Maner Soler Caralps and Joan Madorell. The main ideas were to build a residence that would blend in with its surrounding natural landscape.

More than the wonderful views, it also provides other advantages such as better insulation, which in turn, conserves more energy.

  1. Avalon

Nestled on the wonderful Avalon Beach, the concept behind this 106 square meters green home is simple. The materials used are sustainable and affordable. The living roof and ocean view make this house stand out and a delightful place to live in.

  1. House at Leon

This stunning 310 square meters home located in Leon, Spain was designed and developed by Alarcon + Asociados/Alberto Alarcon in collaboration with Carlos Tomas, Sara Rojo, Clara Garcia and Heloise, and Sara Rojo. The design was inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and the result was a contemporary design with simple and yet unique layout and structure.

  1. Go Home Bay Cabin

This lovely low-lying cabin located in Ontario provides an ideal island escape to adventurers and nature lovers as it can only be reached through a moving body of water. The design is a salute to local architecture developed by Ian MacDonald Architect.

  1. House S

This recently remodeled green house project in Germany that was developed by Christ.Christ was transformed into a contemporary two-story house with a living roof, but the bungalow was kept intact. The architects just added box-like framework on top of the flat roof that is interconnected by a glass corridor.

  1. The Fish House

Another green home that can be found in Singapore, and was designed and built by the same group who made the Meera House. More than the advantages of having a green roof, Guz Architect made sure that the house fits the climate and humid of the country by ensuring that natural ventilation and other elements are present.

These 10 homes not only look better with a green roof, but they also offer numerous advantages to everyone and the environment. The idea may be revolutionary, but it is definitely worth the investment. Contact a roofing company now and get started on your green roof.

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