Ecotourism – Explore Unknown Places with the Spirit of Kindness and Curiosity

ecotourismEcotourism can be defined as different responsible travel practices with certain sets of ideas in mind. If you are an eco-tourist, then you will travel in a way that clearly shows respect to the mother nature and under circumstance degrade it. In order words, ecotourism is also a part of environmental conservation.

Importance of Ecotourism

 Ecotourism allows you to bring out the sense of adventure in you, where you will be meeting all new people, and eating different kinds of food, while being away from your homes. Some of the organizations like the New Hampshire Retreat Center offer excellent ECO tourism packages for group retreats. These packages are designed to help you get along with nature, while enjoying the peace and tranquility. It is also helpful for finding your spirituality.

Ecotourism also gives you an opportunity to learn about new places, but don’t forget to take your cameras with you. Those locations provide you with excellent opportunities to take the best pictures. It is very important for us to break out of our everyday routines, tight schedules, and stressful city lives, and spend some quality time on ourselves, at the locations that are serene and beautiful.

Basic Principles of Ecotourism

Traveling with responsibility is a real essence of ecotourism. It is traveling to the natural places, which promote conservation, create harmony among various communities and maintain the well being of locals. Following are few principles that you should follow, in case you are interested participating in and implementing ecotourism.

  • Minimize social, physical, behavioral and psychological impacts
  • Respect and build cultural and environmental awareness
  • Create a positive atmosphere while talking to other visitors and the local people
  • Provide direct benefits in terms of money for the benefit of environmental conservation
  • Create financial benefits for private industry as well as local people
  • Interact with people to raise their sensitivity towards environment, political as well as climate of the area.
  • Provide ideas to design and build low impact facilities.

What are the benefits of Ecotourism

  • While traveling, you can learn about many other people and also share your ways of leading life. You will also discover things about yourself that you’ve never imagined.
  • You can enjoy different kinds of music, foods and see various new styles of dresses during your travel. While interacting with people, you learn a lot of things that you never thought of. You get the opportunity to dance and mingle with local people, share different stories with other tourists and much more.
  • Ecotourism creates lots of excitement in the mind of traveler, and you get to enjoy the thrill and adventure, which it offers. You get to swim at new places without disturbing the marine life.
  • You can learn different languages and accents and get familiar with new culture and traditions.
  • If you are a history lover, then you can visit various historical monuments and learn more about its origin and past.
  • You might have seen many places in photographs, but ecotourism gives you an opportunity to actually be there and feel them.


You can enjoy all the above mentioned benefits and more by choosing the right ecotourism packages. Thus, ensure that you take time out to choose the best one.

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