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When we think about moving, we usually think about the stress it will cause and money we will spend to complete it. However, we should also think of how much material is used to complete a move, and how much waste it leaves behind. Even though it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, there are ways to complete a move and be environmentally friendly. So, this text will guide you through some green moving tips, ways of going green while moving and reasons to do so.

Why hire a green moving company?

Hiring professionals that are doing their job and being eco-friendly are not just a trend around the Earth day. With millions of people moving each season and producing a lot of waste, it is important to know why you should go green when relocating. Here are the main reasons to do it.

Have air that is good to breathe in

With so many cars running around, air pollution has become one of the top world problems, especially in big cities. That’s why it is important to make your drive eco-friendly, in every situation. With moving, we don’t only have cars, but trucks and other vehicles that can produce a lot of harmful toxins. However, you can always choose green moving companies, that use biodiesel for their trucks, as well as battery-powered curbside lifts and make sure they don’t do any damage to our precious air.

You’ll save cardboard – and water!

Cardboard is widely used in the shipping industry. However, not so many people know that to make paper and cardboard, you need a lot of energy, especially water. That’s why one of the most important green moving tips is to hire an eco-friendly moving company. They will not simply pack every item in a cardboard box but use recyclable and reusable boxes and bins. You can use them to move your items, and then return them to the moving company after you finish.

You don’t need to buy as much packing supplies

With plastic reusable bins that a green moving company provides you, you can forget about buying tons of packing supplies. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on moving boxes or spend ages to find them for free. You will not need as much of tape, as well, since these recyclable boxes can be closed without it.

green moving tips
Figure 1 There are so many reasons to go green and use these green moving tips


The questions to ask a green moving company

To check if a moving company is truly a green and eco-friendly one, ask them these questions and have no worries.

  • ask them if they use 100% recyclable materials when packing
  • ask them their trucks use biodiesel fuel and battery-operated lift gates
  • ask the moving company if they can help you recycle the things you no longer need – they should have connections with recycling companies
  • ask if the company has weight-stations that are government – regulated, so they don’t do unnecessary trips to the weigh stations

Things you can do to go green

It’s not only up to a moving company to be eco-friendly while moving your items. There are ways for you to go green and be environmentally conscious. Here are some of the best green moving tips.

Stop being a hoarder

Moving is the perfect situation where you can organize and get rid of the things you don’t need. Before you start packing, go through your items, and see which ones are ready to go. This way you will be more organized, tidy, and you will pay less for moving. To get rid of the things you don’t want without just tossing them to a bin, you can:

  • donate – books, toys and clothes are always accepted by those in need.
  • recycle – old magazines, electronics and batteries should be recycled properly.
  • sell – if something is no longer needed, you can always sell it to someone who will use it more than you do.

And, if you need help when moving and transferring your belongings, you can contact Big Apple Movers NYC, one of the top-rated moving companies in New York. With them by your side, you will make this whole process so much easier. Furthermore, you can rest assured that they are well-aware of the importance of preserving the environment.

Use recyclable materials while packing

As we mentioned, if you hire a green moving company, they can provide you with reusable plastic bins that you use and return after you finish. However, you can also buy those and use them as storage after the move. Furthermore, you can buy corrugated boxes or save some boxes in advance.

Figure 2 Use recyclable boxes when packing


Pack into items other than boxes

Not only moving boxes are for packing. To save space and go green, one of the green moving tips is to use other items to pack your things for moving. Use your suitcases, plastic bins, grocery bags, drawers of your dressers/wardrobes, gym bags, etc. All of these items need to be moved anyway, so why not use them as packing supplies?

Clean your house with eco-friendly products

Both leaving your old home and moving in into a new one includes a lot of cleaning. So why not use products that are natural and won’t harm you and your environment. There are many DIY cleaning recipes for cleaners, many of which include baking soda and vinegar. You should definitely try them out and clean your home in a natural way!

Pack the items you’ll need during the move – last

During the move, there are items you will need but sometimes we pack them first. These include plates, cups, cutlery sets, etc. Make “a moving kit” – don’t pack these items right away, but save them for later. This way you will not have to buy plastic plates and forks and produce more waste.

Don’t drive a lot

It’s true that sometimes we make a lot of back and forth trips in order to move our items. To save up on time spent on the road, pack smartly and fit more items into the moving truck. It may seem like a small green step, but it’s worth it!

Figure 3 Spend less time on the road and avoid rush hour


As you can see, there are a lot of ways to go green while relocating. Go through these helpful green moving tips and see what you can do to save the planet!

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  • Eco-friendly is the way to go. Especially when cleaning your house! That’s why I try to use Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning when I get it professionally done.

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