How to Achieve Natural Sleep

natural sleepHow do you define natural sleep? Do you imagine yourself lying in a field of grass under the starry night? It cannot get more natural than that! But for us human beings that cannot physically manage to sleep at the nearest hilltop every day and rush to the office then we are left with our bedrooms and our imagination! How do we achieve natural to sleep on a daily basis and wake up refreshed as ever?

Natural sleep is when you never “try” to sleep at night. Natural sleep is the sleep that we all want and dream of. This is when we just lay down for a few seconds and wake up the next morning later feeling energized as ever! Natural sleep is when you say no to sleeping pills and just drink water before you go to bed and feel happy and contented when you wake up.

But just like us, every one of us often experiences this only during the weekends we are not thinking about work all day. There’s this golden rule to never bring your work back to home but we all know that cannot be avoided. Work brings us stress and stress keeps us up at night ensuring that we would not be able to get enough sleep for the next morning. We all know that stressful feeling as we walk towards the bathroom to take a bath.

How do we eliminate this ugly routine that we are stuck in today? We will be talking about a few pointers that you might want to check out and apply to your daily lives to achieve the best sleeping experience ever.

Natural Latex Foam

When you are looking to have the best sleep of your life then we suggest looking into natural latex foam mattresses. They are known to be one if not the best mattress choice that you have in the market today. What’s even better is that latex mattresses (the legit ones) are made with natural rubber which creates an amazing mattress feel that we all learned to respect and love throughout the years.

Did you know that the process of creating Dunlop and Talalay mattresses start with the manual collection of rubber sap from the trees? The rubber sap is then poured into molds to create the mattresses that we know of today. Both of these methods have different processes when it comes to getting the finished product. The Dunlop process is straightforward and “unpolished” compared to the Talalay method which uses additional processes which of course, translates to additional costs.

Due to the process involved in creating these mattresses, you get a firmer Dunlop base and plush Talalay latex foam. People that want to have that solid firmness with maximum comfort provided by natural latex then they should get Dunlop. Now, if you would prefer plush mattresses then Talalay is the way to go. Always go for natural materials as this will breathe with your body and of course, you will be supporting this very old trade industry. If you want to read more about latex mattress make sure that you visit the website LatexBear as they have really interesting ideas and articles that will help you learn more about latex foam mattresses.

 Where to get latex mattresses

As we were looking for websites we stumbled upon LatexBear, a website that is filled with topics regarding latex mattress manufacturers, foam mattresses and a lot that you will learn from. Aside from that website, we also found out that it is far better to purchase latex mattresses through third party websites since there are a lot of reviews from other customers that have tried out the mattresses that are being posted.

We also strongly suggest checking out physical retail stores as they also contain a good amount of promotions; you might easily strike a deal with them and get to purchase a much cheaper mattress that isn’t that beat up from being displayed for a very long time. Please be advised that if you are given the chance to walk into retails stores, use that advantage to try out the mattresses that you are going to try first hand before paying for anything. This will ensure that you will be paying for what you actually wat.

Other mattress materials than latex

Of course, we will not be pushing away options that you have in the market today. There are other materials that you need to look into if you want to get the best sleep of your life as natural as possible. Aside from latex, we have organic cotton and organic wool that we will be talking about below. These materials can be either used as sheets or pillow covers to provide the best experience.

  • Cotton – Organic cotton materials are cotton that is grown naturally without the use of chemicals that keep pests away or in short “pesticides” and is perfect in creating a comfortable sleeping area with. Some of the mattresses today not only pillows and covers contain organic cotton which just feels amazing.
  • Wool – Wool has been used for centuries as a bed insulator and of course, a form of bed mattress to ensure sleeping comfort is at its highest level. Of course, organic wool means that it is untreated its flame retardant, dust mite-proof, and mold/mildew resistant. The only drawback in using organic wool is that it easily gets lumpy as you use it on a daily basis.

Evaluating is part of the process if you want to get the best out of your money when it comes to choosing the right components to achieve the best sleeping experience of your life. When talking about evaluating, we are talking about mattresses. It isn’t enough to just generally know about mattresses, we also need to know what to check for. There are mattresses that come with foundations (innerspring) and foam mattresses that stand on their own like memory foam or latex. They do have the same use which is to be something that we sleep at but they do have different structures that enable them to be what people want from them. For foam mattresses, you should always look into the density properties as this indicates the firmness it has. That is why it is really important to ask questions of the people selling you the mattress to get the proper evaluation on what you are buying.

Natural sleep with a controlled environment

For a controlled environment, we’ve got all that we need at our disposal. When talking about the controlled environment we are talking about everything that we have been talking and using that information in creating the best sleeping experience that you will ever have. Since we’ve already mentioned the mattresses that we will be sleeping at it is crucial to prepare the room itself and create a natural sleep environment.

The best way to achieve this is to have windows! If you have windows present in your room then you will be able to let the natural air move around the area freely creating natural air flow. In addition, to set the mood of a room we need to play with paint palettes and get the best out. For this summer, apple green, lime yellow, and neutral colors are great to accentuate the summer breeze and make your room feel cozy and cool.


For some people, getting natural or enough sleep is a challenge they live with every day. Fortunately, therapies like CPAP can treat sleep disorders and their symptoms, like breathing problems and excessive daytime sleepiness. For CPAP therapy, you will find CPAP masks to match lifestyle and encourage compliance.

Due to our busy daily lives achieving natural sleep isn’t as easy as you think it is. But with preparation and proper planning, this can be and get amazing results from it. One of the most important things that we can get out of natural sleeping would be an amazing increase in our health over time. If you keep on arriving tired from your office at night and you feel like you do not have the strength to wake up in the morning then you need to achieve natural sleep as soon as possible!

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