This is How We Can Eradicate Soil Pollution as a Team

soil pollutionReducing pollution in our environment starts with how many plastics we use at home. We cannot end this disaster if we continue dumping waste now and then. We expose ourselves to harmful toxins from the garbage we accumulate right from the minute we drop a plastic bag.

Studies reveal that millions of solid find its way into the environment. Every American produces 4 pounds of waste on a daily basis. This is what leads to soil degradation and air pollution. What can we do to reduce such waste?


Before you get rid of plastic, think of an alternative way in which it can benefit you. For instance, you can turn the plastic containers that come with prepared food at the supermarket in tins to store your salt, sugar as well tea leaves. Br creative and start recycling glass to come up with an adorable art piece. You can earn form recycling.

 Get rid of plastic bags

Plastic bags are the most significant contributor to pollution in our society. Replace plastic bags with reusable bags that don’t affect the environment. Keeping a number of these bags in your handbag or car will prevent you from forgetting them when you go shopping.

Come up with a meal plan

Do you find yourself with lots of leftovers after meals? Most of us worry about food not being enough, so we end up buying excess groceries. Perishable foods remain a challenge in American households. Ensure that you buy the sufficient groceries but not too much such that you end up throwing them away.


Instead of throwing leftovers, you can compost them in your garden. This enriches your soil by providing healthy nutrients for your crops. Use the extra space in your backyard to form a compost pit for items such as pet food, cardboard, paper and dust bunnies.


If you have a habit of getting rid of a shirt due to a small defect, you can teach yourself how to repair. It is not hard to fix fabrics since you can do it without the need for a sewing machine. If it seems challenging, consider buying quality items that are durable so that you don’t have to discard them.

Take charge of your mail

Do you get emails that you no longer need? Take care of junk mail by canceling subscriptions that are irrelevant. This will ensure that you don’t have excess papers which end up in your dustbin.

Avoid disposable plates and cups

In as much as these come in handy when you have guests, you will have too much trash that is not healthy for the environment. Washing utensils may not be your favorite duty, but it will save you from trashing such items.

Get rid of pests such as rats

Throwing leftovers in your garbage is likely to attract pests and rodents such as rats. These mess up your trash and leave it looking unattractive. Form an enclosure that prevents animals from accessing your garbage. A high fence or a locking door would be suitable. 

Avoid plastic water bottles

Plastic coffee cups, as well as water bottles, are a headache to environmentalists. Instead of going for a plastic water bottle, you can get a durable one. A coffee thermos is also an excellent substitute for coffee cups since they are friendly to the environment. You can even get a water filter to help you consume more water as you reduce waste.

Make use of your home warranty

Rather than dropping waste everywhere, your home warranty can collect your garbage and dispose it accordingly. The American home shield reviews report that service providers are effective in collecting your garbage every week so that you can maintain a clean surrounding.

Ditch processed food

Most processed foods come with plastics that are not environmental- friendly. Instead of buying burgers and fries that are wrapped in plastic bags, you can prepare your own meals at home. Teach yourself some preparing tricks such as making a good salad at home or simple soups. They keep you healthy and prevent you from throwing plastic bags.

Go for online content

The availability of almost everything online can save us from waste pollution. Go for online news instead of daily newspapers. You can also find magazines online to replace hard copies. E-books are also an alternative to paper books that can find their way into the environment.

Get rid of paper towels

Paper towels may look presentable by they are unhealthy to the soil. Replace a piece of cloth to be your rag in place of a paper towel. Let go of your serviettes and use hand towels for your guests. You will not have to throw so many paper towels at the end of a function. You save more and keep your surrounding clean. Cloth napkins come in handy for your kitchen.

Use family cloth

Your toilet can do with family cloths in place of tissues.  They are soft to use, environmental friendly as well as healthy. Cloth diapers are also better than paper diapers when it comes to pollution. Your child is also safe from allergies.

Give away

Are you the kind that has a closet full of clothes but can’t get an outfit every time? Sort out your clothes and give away the ones that you no longer need. You can look for a charity organization and donate the items that you would have discarded.

Buy or sell used items

You can sell your used items or buy a second hand one. Most of the times, used items don’t come with plastic bags. Selling helps you not think of discarding goods easily since you gain some money in return.


After doing all the above thing, you will find yourself with less garbage. Downscale this garbage in a small container. A tight compact of trash prevents you from wasting more since you don’t have room to dispose of a lot of waste.

Final thoughts

Even though the government is spending resources to eradicate pollution, this initiative should start with us.  Use the tips above to take charge of your garbage so that you can contribute positively to the environment.

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