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Las Vegas Electrician Reveals How to Cut Your Electric Bill

Did you know that the average family spends about 7 percent of their income on energy? With the average monthly electric bill around $180, more families are looking to go green. While you are saving for solar power, we thought you would like some advice from the experts. Consider the following as our 24-hour Las Vegas electrician reveals how to cut your electric bill by adjusting a few minor household behaviors. Your bank account — and the planet — will thank you for it.

Our experts at 24-hour electrician Las Vegas are always on call to help you find new ways to reduce your energy usage.

Turn Your Water Heater Off Until You Need It

Electric water heaters account for about 12 percent of a family’s power or gas bill. Many families are hesitant to buy an expensive, solar-powered water heater when the one they have is in a working condition. Moreover, it can be a costly item that is not necessary at the moment. Why not reduce the usage by 22 or more hours a day? You would be able to conserve energy and cut about 10 percent of your bill monthly.

Begin Using Energy-efficient Light Bulbs

Another place where the money goes is for lighting the home, which costs American families on average $260 annually. By switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, you can cut about 75 percent of your home’s usage, which means you will also reduce your energy bills nearly $200 a year. Each bulb you change will save you around $10, which adds up over time.

Switch to a Smart Thermostat

Smart technology is generally a good bet when trying to conserve during peak winter and summer months. A recent study found that a smart thermostat saved twelve percent on heating and fifteen percent on cooling.

Use a Fan Instead of Air Conditioning

Some larger homeowners choose to use a window air conditioning unit to reduce the use of central air. Even then, it takes much energy to run them. A way to save even more energy is to use a fan to circulate the air. If it is still a bit hot, try using an A/C timer to cool down your home every 30 minutes. With the fan and the minimal use of A/C, your bill will drop.

Invest in a Smart Power Strip

Power strips have the ability to block energy to your appliances when not in use. Not only do they reduce your consumption by up to 10 percent, but it also puts your appliances on standby. They also reduce your emissions footprint by a couple of percentage points.

Unplug Your Appliances When Not in Use

Making a habit of unplugging every appliance when not in use saves significant amounts of energy.  Your clothes dryer and water heater use around 4,000 kilowatts per hour (kWh). A pool water pump uses about 3,000 kWh. A space heater uses about 1,500 kWh and a hair dryer uses about 1,000 kWh. A desktop computer uses about 600 kWh. Imagine what you could save if you unplugged the microwave, TV and many other appliances.

Learn to Program Your Smart Home Correctly

Another issue with smart thermostats is proper usage. Data recently found that more than half of smart technology users do not know how to use it correctly. Smart thermostats adapt to your environment, which makes it an ideal accessory to buy.

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