5 Best Treatments For The Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

We all love smooth, supple and blemish-free skin however lines are inevitable when one gets older. Late night dinners, excessive work load, and over exposure to ultraviolet rays are the main causes that even before their 40s many women already have dark circles around the eyes. The crow’s feet is also another issue for people who are in their 50s. So what’s the cure? Botox has been used for a long time, but its era is coming to an end. Here comes stem cell treatment which is the best treatment for wrinkles around eyes.

Laser skin resurfacing

The laser skin resurfacing procedure can effectively remove deep face wrinkles. The superficially damaged tissues are removed by the laser. This results in the renewed and healthy skin produced by the body. The duration of this treatment is 60 minutes. While the results are seen immediately, it can take a month for the healing process and the skin to get back to its normal state.

Chemical peels

The chemical peels are effectively used by the dermatologists to remove the wrinkles under the eyes. The same treatment is also used for post acne scars. The problem is that these peels are not suitable for all skin types.


Botox is the brand name, and botulinum toxin is the main ingredient of this product. This is the most popular and useful eye wrinkle removing treatment. Purified botulinum toxin is injected by the dermatologist, the area relaxes, and the lines close to the eyes disappear for a few months. It is essential to go to the right dermatologist, as the right amount of botulinum toxin has to be injected, to meet your specific requirements. Repeat procedures are necessary. Deep creases can be smoothed out this way.


This is a minimally invasive procedure that is effective. The dead skin cells are removed during this procedure, and this procedure also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This takes not more than an hour. When combined with the right anti-wrinkle creams, the results are surprising. Redness and swelling are the common side effects, and they get over in 24 hours.  This procedure does not help in the case of deep creases. However, it is long considered to be one of the best treatments for wrinkles around eyes if one prefers the non-surgical route.

Stem cell regeneration treatment

This is a non-surgical procedure that gives better results as compared with the rest of the remedies available currently. This treatment helps in boosting the collagen and elastin in the skin. This is the best treatment for wrinkles around eyes due to various reasons. One of them is that the results are permanent. The elastin and collagen are produced naturally, and it takes year for them to deplete again.

When the stem cell regeneration treatment is used, there are lots of pros. The hydration of the skin is increased making it look a lot younger. Unlike Botox, the results are permanent. The enlarged pores are minimized, and the frown and worry lines can be treated as well. The result is that you get the bouncy and plumpy skin. The smile lines also can be minimized.

Choosing the permanent solution is the best option.

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