5 Energy Saving Ideas That Will Help You Cut Your Electricity Bills

Are you worried about your heavy electricity bills? Are you using the right electricity saving devices? Are you getting them serviced on time?

Well, these are some of the important questions that pop up in your mind when you are running a big company with thousands of employees. Listed below are some of the best energy saving ideas that will help you cut your electricity bills :

  • Install Skylights

You must be imagining what skylights are? Skylights are light-transmitting fenestration that is installed over rooms that facilitate the penetration of natural light inside the room. Installing skylights can help you cut a lot on your electricity bills, and therefore, it is time for you to trust the sun and let it curb your energy bills. Skylights are just the perfect add-on to your office that will keep it illuminated all day long while making it warm and cosy on cold winter days.

Types of Skylights used at home or office :

  1. Fixed or Operable
  2. Skylight blinds and shades
  3. Tubular and Flexible Skylights
  • Use solar water heating

Make the best use of solar power, with the evolving solar power technology, install solar water heating systems that will help you cut a lot on your energy cost in the long run. Solar water heaters mainly consist of a thermal panel, generally installed on the roof, a tank to store hot water, and other accessories like circulating pumps, thermal regulators etc. Although solar water heaters require a high investment in the beginning, but it proves out to be the best return on investment in the long run.

Advantages of having a solar water heater :

  1. Good for climate
  2. No use of electricity
  3. Natural and raw
  4. Protects air quality
  5. Increases home value
  • Replace bulbs with CFL’s

If you can’t keep a control on the lighting conditions in the office, it is advised to replace the bulbs with CFL’s. Using the LED technology will help you save a lot on your electricity bills. CFL’s and LED lights use far less electricity, 1/4th to be precise when compared to incandescent bulbs.  LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, available in a wide range of colours but only lack a good lifespan.

  • Install programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a must to be installed in your room for efficient temperature control.  Efficiently adding it to your air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems will help you save tons on your energy bills. These thermostats are intelligent enough to regulate the temperature inside the room according to the temperature outside the room, maintaining a sense of balance and equilibrium.

Types of programmable thermostats that are used to regulate temperature  :

  1. Electromechanical
  2. Digital
  3. Hybrid
  4. Occupancy
  5. Light sensing
  • Check for insulation

One of the most ignored aspects of saving energy at home or office is, checking insulation. It is mostly advised to check if all the corners of the room are properly sealed and insulated for good cooling and heating, as and when required. Keep the blinds and windows completely closed and sealed so that the outside air currents cannot seep inside the room.

How to keep your room insulated for long ?

  1. Use timers on your central heating systems
  2. Shut your curtains properly
  3. Check the door rubber for its seal

These are some of the most important energy saving tips that need to be religiously followed to cut your electricity bills, both at home and in office. We have given you all the reasons to hire a sustainable energy solution company that will take complete care of the energy consumption at your place by installing the right energy-saving devices like solar heaters, generators, panels etc.


Author Bio : Sarah Williams is a professional blogger who loves to write about technology and educate readers about environmentally friendly energy alternatives. She has also been a part of Gener8‘s marketing team for a long time.

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