5 Household Solutions No One Told You About

The first thing that we all need in this world to survive besides food is a house. A roof on our heads to protect us from rain and any other thing the sky might have to throw upon us. Walls around us for our privacy, doors for us to enter and leave, and windows to help us soak in just enough sunshine as required.

The initial houses made were very simple and sufficient for shelter and privacy. Nowadays, a simple roof and four walls are not enough to call it a “house”. There are many other things needed today to make a house livable:

1. Whole House Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers remove the moisture from your central air system, as mentioned on toohumid.com. They are vital for good air conditioning as they ensure dry and clean coolness in the ambiance. Also, they make the place pleasant in hot weather and low humidity. Thus, saving you air conditioning cost too.

Excessive moisture in the house can cause various problems such as overgrown molds, nasty bacteria and can destroy any wood work. It also causes extra perspiration that is very annoying. Use the whole house dehumidifier to keep the humidity under control and to avoid all other problems caused by extra humidity.

2. Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning plays an essential role in controlling the house temperature where the weather stays either too hot or too cold or stays on either extremity for too long. Simple air conditioning will keep one room or at most two rooms air conditioned. With a central system you can cool or heat the whole house!

Keeping the whole house cool/hot through air conditioners in every room will result in a very high working and maintenance costs. Central systems are best possible solution to your temperature controlling systems.

3. Whole House Water Filter

With the growing population of the world, the waste produced by this population is also growing everyday. Researches show that billions of tons of litter is dumped in the oceans and millions of tons in seas every year. The more advanced we’re getting, the dirtier we are, too. Even if you’re not responsible for that junk, you still have to use water contaminated by this junk.

This is where you need a whole house water filter to purify the water of any dissolved or undissolved impurity and to provide this clean water to every corner of the house.

4. Whole House Surge Protector

Voltage surges can damage your electric appliances beyond repair in a second. You may have to replace every single light in your house after a surge. Surges occur from lightning, switching at the grid station and may even occur from inside the house when high consuming appliances such as air conditioners or motors are turned on and off.

This is where you need a whole house surge protector to protect all appliances from burning up in the event of a power surge. Surge protector will save up a lifetime worth of cost on your appliance maintenance.

5. Whole House Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage shortages are very often in under developed countries with extreme weather conditions. They only provide the electricity through the cheapest means and pay no attention to maintaining the lines and to weather conditions that may cause problems. The voltage may drop really low and may remain that way for a very long time.

What to do then? Nothing will work in this voltage and the temperature is over 100 degrees! Use a whole house stabilizer. This will regulate the voltage in the event of low voltage and high voltage thus protecting you in high voltage and making things work in low voltage.

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