5 Portable Appliances That Will Make Your Life Easy

Every appliance that came into being has shrunken in size but increased in features over time. That’s because we needed things to be smaller and efficient. The earliest computers took up one complete room and were very slow. Time has brought all features in the palm of our hand in the form of a mobile phone.

The mobile phone is not the only appliance that has shrunken in size and increased in efficiency. There’s many other appliances that have faced the same end. They are now much smaller in size, in fact, you can carry them around and get your job done! Some of these are:

1. Portable Generators

Power loss is one of the biggest problems today. Everything we know runs on power. Having this power at hand at all times can be done by a portable generator. Portable generators can run on any type of fuel and provide up to 15,000 watts of power. They can keep your house running for hours. If you’re looking to buy one, head over to and explore your options.

If you work in a place where a power outage can cause major damage you need a portable generator. It can keep any electrical equipment running for hours and save you in the event of a power loss. You won’t need those melting candles any more.

You can take it out on your camp site and use it for lighting or for cooking. It can help in the event of a disaster where there’s no or not enough power. Just carry it there and turn it on, and let it do it’s job!

2. Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is something you need when you want to cool a specific portion or a small area. You may have extended your room but changing the central air conditioning is too costly. You can’t stand the heat in that side of the room and it can’t cool on its own. This is where you can buy this piece of technology and let it work in that place.

You may have to sit outside the whole day. Why? That’s what the job contract says. You can have umbrellas to protect from the sunlight but the hot air is still there. A portable air conditioner will cool it up for you and you can carry it around wherever you go.

3. Portable Bath Tub

I bet you never heard about this. There’s a portable bath tub in the market too! You can carry your own bath tub around now. Take it to camps or put it under the shower where you don’t have one. Installing a bath tub is such a long task with all the pipes and then it’s fixed in one place. With a portable one, you can put it under the shower, out in the lawn or carry it to a friend’s place where you’re staying the night.

4. Portable Dishwasher

Doing the dishes by hand is a very boring task and is a lot of hard work. You can get a portable dishwasher if you don’t have space for a counter top one. It is capable of washing the same number of dishes but it vanishes off the faucet after it’s done its job. You don’t need to do anything, just roll it out of the cupboard and then roll it back in!

5. Portable Refrigerator

You can carry drinks to your picnic or to a camp and keep them cool with a portable fridge. Not only drinks, it can keep your fruits and sandwiches also fresh. You don’t need to carry a cooler and in it a lot of ice. That’s a lot of work. Just get this fridge, put your stuff and take it around. It will keep things cool.

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