Stem Cell Therapy is the Best Option for Meniscus Tear

The meniscus is the shock absorber in the knee joint. It also acts as the spacer covering the femur and the tibia bone. This offers the protective cover to the cartilage and ensures any shock is absorbed equally throughout the space. Every knee has 2 menisci, and these living fibrocartilage tissues are present close inside the body, and one is present in the outer layer. They are called medial and lateral meniscus, and the former can get damaged easily as compared with the latter. In most cases, the meniscus when damaged cannot be repaired naturally. The stem cell therapy for meniscus tear proves to be an efficient way to get these conditions fixed.

What is meniscus tear?

The meniscus tear happens very commonly, and surgical intervention is also standard for the patients who suffer from this condition. What has to be remembered is that the crack can pave the way for the osteoarthritis. Surgery can be devastating, especially the stay in the hospital and recovery time are troublesome. Meniscus transplant and other options were not available until recently. The stem cell therapy for meniscus tear is also a recent introduction into the medical field. The stem cells triggers the body’s natural repair . These can be transferred to any injured part and any tissue can be repaired. There is no trouble about it, and this is how the natural healing system of the body works. During the therapy the qualified doctor inject stem cells directly to the damaged part of the body. And the process of natural repair begins.

Can stem cell therapy help?

The portion of the damaged or torn meniscus can be regrown when stem cells are injected in the area. The studies show that up to 20% of the meniscus is regrown this way. The best thing is that the patients who opted for stem cell therapy for meniscus tear also felt lesser pain scores. Many clinical trials have proven that this therapy really helps people who have been suffering for years from pain and limited movement. The success rate of the treatment and the efficiency are proved by many patients.

About Stem Cell Therapy

The adult stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow of the patient, which implies that there are no chances of rejection of the tissues or cells by the body. Contrary to the popular myth, the stem cells are not extracted from the embryos of any kind. When it comes to the other range of injuries or problems, they also can be treated in combination with the PRP and other techniques. This can help in regrowing all sorts of tissues. The stem cells work on the targeted area, and the healing is hastened this way. The stem cells work more efficient and faster. These techniques can be used for various types of injuries and osteoarthritis conditions. If you are suffering from any kind of joint ailment, ask your doctor about this state-of-the-art procedure.

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