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7 Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Tips That Work Like Magic

eco-friendly home cleaningMost probably, the biggest headache for you is cleaning the home. Am I right?

Rubbing all day long suppressing the acute pains coming from your back and neck will be a nuisance or such an unpleasant experience to you. So, some of the householders tend to clean their homes only when they hear the news of friends or relatives visiting them. Anyway, that’s embarrassing to see a dirty home. Therefore, you need to clean it every day.

A wide variety of cleaning substances are available in the market nowadays. But, are they eco-friendly? Or non-toxic? That’s an issue to consider as most of these synthetic products contain agents that pollute the environment and harm the humans at large. So, eco-friendly products are most welcome.

Here are seven eco-friendly cleaning tips to make your home a living-heaven.

Use all time powerful baking soda

Baking soda has multiple benefits in household work. It’s an essential agent in preparing delicacies like cakes and buns. But, it’s also helpful for home cleaning purposes.

For cleaning rugs

Sprinkle baking soda on your rugs and keep it overnight. Then, vacuum it up. You’ll wonder at the cleanliness of them. All the dirt is gone like magic.

Washing clothes

Mix a full cup of baking soda with the usual detergent you use to wash clothes. The clothes will be better washed, and they will give out a brighter look.

To unclog a kitchen drain

By pouring a cup of hot vinegar with a cup of baking soda, you can unclog your kitchen drains several times faster than you do in the normal cleaning procedure.

Use white vinegar

Mix water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio and rub all the walls and shelves of your refrigerator using the solution.

You can even use vinegar to remove lint from the clothes.

Use eco-friendly castile soap

This natural soap is highly used to clean your floor. It will be easier to remove dirt from the floor of your house. Also, it’s ideal for cleaning the bathroom too.

Eco-clean your bedroom

Your bedroom should be clean and tidy since it’s the place where you have a rest and the comfort of blissful slumber. So, pillow cases, bed covers, blankets and even the mattress cover should be devoid of any dirt. So, always use very mild, eco-friendly detergents to wash them.

Toss -out chemical-based cleaning products

In fact, the eco-friendly products to clean our home environment is the main issue we focus in this article. Lemon juice, baking soda, salt, sour things such as tamarind and vinegar are some natural substances which could be used in the cleaning process. They are far better than the chemical products meant for the same purpose. However, if you happened to buy any of these synthetic materials for cleaning purposes, you must see the labels for non-toxic ingredients.

Protect your closet from odors and humidity

There may be a damp smell in your closets due to the water vapor in the environment. To prevent it put a rolled piece of newspaper inside it to absorb all the wetness. And to get rid of the smell you can use a glass of white vinegar inside it.

Make windows and other surfaces sparkle

Usually, natural things such as baking soda, vinegar, newspapers, and lemon are used to clean windows. They’re far better than man-made stuff.

So, use these natural ingredients for home cleaning processes and make this world eco-friendly and beautiful.

Other Tips

You may also consider the smart trash can. Smart trash can is one of the best gadgets that can make your home cleaner and smarter.

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