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Here’s Why Green Fashion Is the Next Big Thing

Sustainable or green fashion is the form of clothing styles that keep in mind the various environmental issues as well as the customers’ health and employee work circumstances. The fabrics are environment-friendly and have no adverse effect on the wearer. This form of fashion is becoming more and more relevant these days, with the advent of environmental awareness. The concept of sustainable fashion technology started in an outlet in Denmark called Earth A’mark. Green fashion or eco-fashion has the objective of being environment-friendly and is concerned about the social impact of its production. The clothes have natural fibers and recycled fabric. They are durable and meant to last longer. As it should be, these days most companies of the higher grade recycle and reuse natural material and are environment concerned.

The advent of Green Fashion

In the traditional times, people had a negative attitude towards recycling and reused material. However, with the emergence of multiple environmental problems, the world and the fashion realm has become the complete reciprocal of what it used to be about a couple of decades ago. Popular companies like Nike have taken massive steps towards green fashion. The company Nike official now reuses fabric and provides organic fibers in their clothing. Nike has revolutionized their clothing brand under the pretext of the environmental sustainability.

With the growing human responsibility towards its environment, the sustainable fashion is a major step. Eco-fashion products are a bit higher priced than its regular counterparts and the production time, as well as the investment, is more than usual. The concept isn’t profound and is in an experimental phase, so it doesn’t have a robust customer base as well as a testimonial assurance.

The various benefits of green fashion that make it the next big thing in the fashion universe in today’s society are discussed below:

  1. Natural Fibers – The concept of sustainable fashion makes the use of organic and natural fibers which are not harmful to the environment. Organic cotton fiber is one of its most common materials. These are mostly grown in the American and Indian For their growth, no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers are used. They are cultivated in an organic manner which results in a pure and eco-friendly product when these are the raw material base. Another highly used natural fiber is the wool. The sheep aren’t hurt or harmed out of the shearing process of wool extraction. These are pure wool from its very origin, and as expected it will provide sustainable satisfaction for the user. Among some other biological raw materials include organic soy fibers, hemp fibers and a fabric called nettle. There are some man-made organic and eco-friendly fibers like Tencel and Eco-fi.


  1. Support from Designers – Popular companies being ambassadors to a concept naturally brings a trend in the market. Brands like Nike are using the recycle and reuse factor in their products. Multiple famous fashion designers have entirely devoted to green fashion and eco-friendly fashion technology. Elena Garcia, a London based fashion designer. She designs her clothing variants by hands, using linen, silk, and organic wool fibers. Marion McKee and Tristan Gribbin design clothes for a brand named SUST in England. They design organic and sustainable t-shirts, dresses, pants, scarves as well as other clothing accessories. There are other designers like Mark Morris, Andrew Sorensen and Portlander Gretchen Jones who have taken up the leap towards green fashion.


  1. Awareness and Education – In recent times fashion studies has become a relevant study course. The course syllabi usually include sustainable fashion means and methods. They are taught the need and importance of eco-friendly fashion world. They come out to the real world aware of the difference they can make. Being a millennial most are drawn towards social good and hence take up new ventures that aid sustainability in the clothing and style sector. They are given practical education on organic fibers and the benefits of environmentally concerned style statement. This is a significant reason as to why green fashion is developing in the recent years.
  2. Less Waste – A lot of the green clothing reuses materials and recycle the fabrics for better quality production. As a result, the output of waste is significantly reduced. The waste fibers are used on the first hand, and in return, the waste released from the manufacturing units of eco-friendly fashion is very less. Any possible waste can also be reused in the next project or production. This helps in keeping the environment-friendly nature of the enterprise intact and in check.
  3. Durable Quality – The fibers are reused to make a new product that is entirely fresh. You shouldn’t have the misconception that this is a used material enhancement. Yes, materials and fibers are reused, but that is to produce new better products. The products are well researched on, and since it is a new concept there is a specific liability to the manufacturer hence the durability factor is a substantial segment in theory. The clothes are made to last for a long time and also the workers in such companies are well-paid and in proper working environments.

  4. No Harmful Chemicals –There is no use of any unwanted or harmful chemical ingredients in any part of the manufacturing process. When it comes to the raw materials, the fibers are authentically organic. It is extracted right from its supposed source without harming the ecological balance. Chemicals have a chance of harming the end user. This risk is not only reduced but removed in the green fashion. The sheep wool is extracted directly from the sheep without hurting it. The cotton and soy fibers are grown in the natural environment without any form of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The green fashion acts upon the three ‘R’s of environmental sustainability: reuse, reduce and recycle. They reuse organic fibers and makes durable products in its result. The waste production is massively reduced as it instead reused the possible waste. What is a waste for one product may be a raw material for the next production process. As a result, the clothing materials are aptly recycled and bring a better form of environmental sustainability. These are the various essentials reasons why green fashion is considered the next big thing in the fashion world.

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