Here are Natural Ways to Handle Constipation

Are you experiencing discomfort when passing stool?  Constipation is a common problem that affects 20% of the American population. The causes of the condition are diverse ranging from poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices, medication as well as diseases. If constipation continues for a while, it could be severe and become chronic idiopathic constipation.

Most people overlook this problem with the hope that it will pass but it can get worse. Most times, constipation has symptoms such as bloating, pain due to a hard stool and fewer visits to the bathroom. This is how to handle constipation.


Dehydration is a common cause of constipation. Take large amounts of water will keep your digestive system more active and things moving smoothly. You can opt for carbonated water which is also rehydrating. It is more effective in dealing with irritable bowel difficulties than using boiled water.

Note the difference between carbonated water and other carbonated drinks such as sodas. These are unhealthy if you are constipating.

Take fiber

Doctors recommend fiber for constipation since it enhances the consistency of movements in your bowel, making it easy and less painful for you to pass stool. They say that some dietary fiber can help while another can make it worse.

Dietary fiber is categorized into two namely; insoluble and soluble fiber. If you are suffering from chronic idiopathic constipation, insoluble fiber will not help. This includes foods such as wheat, bran, whole grains, and vegetables.

Soluble fibers are better for constipation. You get this nutrient form eating oats, nuts, seeds, lentils, and beans.  You can also find the fiber in fruits as well as vegetables. Ensure that the soluble fiber you are taking is not fermentable. Fermentable soluble fibers do not have a high capacity to hold water in your body; therefore they cannot help with constipation. Psyllium is a healthy non-fermentable soluble fiber.

Engage in exercises

According to studies, working out minimizes the symptoms of constipation. Both light and intense workouts increase your metabolism and boost your digestion. Stuck food in your large intestines will be passed easily due to a fast metabolism. You can engage in regular walks or skipping at home if the gym is too intense for you.

Take caffeinated coffee

Coffee is a stimulant that increases the frequency of visits in the toilet. This is because it triggers your digestive muscles to work faster than they are. Research shows that taking caffeinated coffee is 60% more effective than mere water.

Among the elements in coffee are soluble fibers which are useful in regulating the bacteria in your gut too help with constipation problems.

Look for herbal laxatives

Senna is a popular laxative that relieves constipation. You can get it in a local pharmacy or purchase it online. It has elements such as glycosides which trigger your gut to increase your bowel movements.

Check with your doctor if it is safe for you to use Senna because it has limitations. Pregnant mothers or breastfeeding mothers should not use it. It is also not recommended for an inflammatory bowel condition.  Your doctor can prescribe the mode of administration either orally or rectally.

Use probiotics

Constipation often occurs due to bacterial imbalance in your gut. Probiotics are used to regulate them as they contain lactic acid. They also give you a consistent stool and increase your frequency to the bathroom. You can either use the supplement or foods rich in probiotics. The supplement should last a month for you to see some improvements.

The foods rich in probiotics include yogurt, kimchi as well as sauerkraut. They all have active bacteria to work effectively with the ones in your gut, thus reducing constipation.

Avoid the use of drugs

Constipation may be as a result of drug abuse. Most people who abuse drugs such as alcohol, cocaine or Xanax have problems with passing stool. It is among the Xanax side effects. Getting help for drug addiction can help you reduce such symptoms. Change your lifestyle today with the help of professionals and break drug tolerance to improve your overall health.

Take laxatives

A pharmacist can help you select an effective laxative according to your constipation symptoms. They are of different types such as a bulking agent, a stool softener as well as an osmotic laxative. The bulking agent increases the content of water in your stool making it less painful to pass.

A stool softener has oils that allow you to pass stool easily. Osmotic laxatives pull water from the tissues into your gut and soften your stool. A pharmacist can also recommend stimulant laxatives that work on your nerves to enhance bowel movements. Ensure that you get a prescription for the right laxative to help with your condition.

Buy glucomannan supplement

This is a soluble fiber that is highly recommended for constipation. It is mostly used in children as it enhances bowel movements. It acts as a prebiotic and regulates the bacteria in your digestive system. You can take the supplement or find the nutrient in shirataki noodles.

Try a prebiotic diet

Prebiotic fibers are useful in feeding healthy bacteria in your digestive system to give your gut a proper balance. They soften your stool as well as enhance movements in your bowel. You can get this in bananas, garlic or onions.

Add magnesium citrate to your diet

This laxative is often used by doctors to prep patients for surgery by cleaning their bowel. You can also get the supplement online since it is useful in reducing constipation.

Take prunes

Prunes have laxative sorbitol which acts as a natural cure for constipation. They are known as the sugar alcohol which comes with laxative properties. These fruits are believed to be better than taking fiber. However, you should take prunes in moderation at least once a day. Avoid prunes if your case is irritable bowel syndrome and consult a doctor for proper medication.

Final thoughts

Constipation is an uncomfortable situation that is caused by different reasons. Identifying your cause will help you know how to handle the situation. Your doctor can prescribe the right treatment to enhance your digestive system and reduce constipation symptoms.

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