7 Things You Should Clean Every Single Week

clean homeCleaning your home regularly is very important to have a clean, tidy and beautiful home and if you are leading a busy life and you do not find time to do the cleaning everyday then you need to know the 7 things you should clean every single week. This is especially important to get rid of the dust, dirt and grime from your home because there are things that are prone to getting contaminated very easily and it needs your attention at the earliest. The 7 things you should clean every single week includes –

Kitchen Wardrobe

The place where you store the everyday food items and kitchen utensils need to be cleaned weekly so that there is no pest’s infestation in the wardrobe as it can cause a large number of health problems. Moreover, according to simplymaid Canberra, cleaning the wardrobe will also ensure that the food items are not deteriorated due to some reasons as it will be in its best condition.

Bathroom Surfaces

Bathroom is a breeding ground for a large number of germs and bacteria which makes it even more important for you to clean it weekly so that you can get a clean and healthy bathroom. You will need to use disinfectant in bathroom so that it will not be prone to any kind of dangers and bacteria.

Bathroom Tiles

The tiles might get dirty overtime and hence grout removal becomes very important as you will need to use proper cleaning solutions and right kind of tools and equipment’s for cleaning of the bathroom tiles every week.

Carpet and Rugs

These are the two elements that get the maximum number of germs and bacteria because with higher footfall, the carpets and rugs will get dirty. Hence you will need to clean it weekly as it will give you cleaner and healthier carpets and rugs for making your home healthy without any kind of health problems.


Dust and dirt gets accumulated on the furniture in your home and you need to clean the furniture every week so that you can get rid of these contaminants that can make your home look unappealing.

Kitchen Appliances

Since these appliances are used every day for making tasks easy and simple, it is important that you clean these appliances every week so that it will last longer without any kind of issues. Appliances cleaning will enhance its longevity so that you will not have to replace it which is an expensive option.

Bathroom Tub

Since you and your family have bath every day in the bathtub, cleaning of the bathtub weekly is very important for ensuring that it is clean and tidy. You need to use the right cleaning agents for cleaning the bathtubs so that you will get the desired results. Showers also need to be cleaned every week as it will allow you to have a good time while taking shower that is not dirty as it might obstruct the water flow and hence you will need to clean it regularly.

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