7 Tips for Greening Up Your Daily Routine

Choosing to become more sustainable and eco-conscious is a big decision. However, it doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. Simply making basic changes can help impact the environment in a positive way. Take time to understand that reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a constant process that takes continuous education and reconditioning. But not to worry as a community of friends around the world are here supporting your every effort.

A first step could be a daily scan. Gauge your impact by observing your daily habits and routine. Be aware of your actions and how they may affect the environment. Remember to consider the butterfly effect such as how unplugging an appliance can reduce greenhouse emissions and in turn even save you money on your electricity bill. Following a chain of reaction can help you become more conscious and mindful about your environmental impact.

Try out these 7 small steps to help save the planet.

1. Cold Water Wash
Selecting cold water when doing laundry not only preserves your clothes and colors, but also energy. Prevent carbon pollution by opting for cold water on all your washes and perhaps even showers. Cold showers can help blood flow, concentration, stress, skin, hair and even your immune system.

2. Windows
Windows are amazing because they have the ability to regulate temperature. Instead of blasting the air conditioner, opt to crack open a window or closing the shades. Making sure you have properly sealed doors and windows can help you save hundreds of dollars a year by making sure your heating and cooling systems aren’t working harder than they have to. Check insulation as well as consider dual-flush toilets for your hope to save water consumption.

3. Recycle
Invest in recycling bins around your home to help your practice. Becoming more mindful of where you place your cans, papers, plastics will help you gain long-term recycling skills unconsciously. Don’t discard natural resources. Reinvest them into the earth by recycling not only at home but also where ever you go. Recycling has become more and more an accessible practice due to the increased awareness within our governments and communities so don’t be shy. You’ll be surprised to know how many recycling programs within your area exist. Once you’ve mastered your practice you may even consider living a zero-waste life.

4. Unplug
Conserve energy and save money on your electricity bill by unplugging your electronics before leaving the house. The excess energy exhausted makes up a big part of carbon dioxide emissions. Make sure to reduce your consumption by checking that all the lights are off before you leave the house or when not in use. Energy efficient appliances are the future so be on the lookout for new eco-products if you’re thinking about replacing anything old or broken. Rethinking your light fixtures and considering eco-friendly home options can help make your home a better place.

5. Reuse
Find creative ways to reuse your trash such as saving your shopping bags and reusing them as grocery or gym bags. Using reusable water bottles of mugs can help you save money instead of constantly spending money on disposable plastic bottles or cups. You can even use recycled material in your countertops, carpets, roof, and deck. Companies have made incredible strives to incorporate recycled products from waste, paper, forests, and bottles to help protect the environment.

6. Share
We all know sharing is caring, but sharing can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carpooling, walking, biking, or taking transit are all great ways to use transportation communally. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, consider cars that consume less fuel, or even hybrid and electrical cars.

7. Make Less Waste
Becoming more minimalist in your purchases and life choices can help you generate less waste. Avoid purchasing over packaged products and continue to reuse those shoppings bags. Bringing your own mug or bottle can help you produce less waste and are easy methods to manage your carbon footprint.
Whether it’s composting biodegradable garbage to deciding to walk to work, every decision you make matters. Recycling is actually a law in various countries all over the world and for good reason. Be the change you want to see by putting your thoughts into action. Inspire and educate those around you save our planet not only for today, but also for future generations to come.


Christin Lee is a yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and lifestyle blogger living in NYC with a passion for universal human rights. She is an editor at InsiderEnvy, a site focused on travel, health, and eyecare and writes review for contacts, beauty, and workouts.

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