Infographic: Air Conditioning Stats and Facts

Air conditioning has never been more popular in the United States. This makes sense when you consider the various benefits offered by quality home AC, as well as the fact that technology has made air conditioning units more affordable than ever.

In fact, a huge percentage of US homes now have air conditioning, with approximately 87% of all homes in the country having AC by 2009. This is a massive increase in quite a short period, as only 68% of homes had AC in 1993.

Spending an average of $29 billion on AC costs, there aren’t many homes throughout the country that don’t benefit from quality air conditioning. In fact, even those moving to Alaska – the coldest state in the country – will likely find air conditioning a welcome addition, due to the surprisingly warm summer months.

In fact, air conditioning is one of the most common appliances in American households. For example, did you know that its more common to have an air conditioning unit than a garage, dishwasher, or dining room?

Certain areas of the country have preferences when it comes to their type of air conditioning. Homes in the Midwest, South, and West of the United States are more likely to have central air conditioning, while those in the Northeast tend to prefer a room air conditioner, which is basically the best portable AC unit to use around the home.

It’s little surprise that households in the warmest areas of the country are more likely to utilise air conditioning throughout their homes, as it’s the most effective way to stay safe and cool during the hottest days of the year!

For more interesting stats about air conditioning in the Unites States, check out the infographic below for 10 awesome facts!

air conditioning facts and stats

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