Trash is Cash: There’s Money in Recycling

there is money in recyclingIn this world where surviving is the first and last choice, a lot are busy working for their every lives. Some work for 8 hours and some work for 12. Working isn’t just to make money but also to survive. Yes, you have a job, but it doesn’t seem to be enough for you ‘cause you have to save for your overdue bills, buy stuff for home, buy food, or if you are a fresh grad and new to your work, I assume you’re still paying your student loans.

Thus, is there anything you can do to earn extra money? There is if only you don’t limit the possibilities. One good example is making money out of trash.

Did you know that everything from old books to cookie wrappers in your house can be traded for cash or gift cards? Here are some ideas by which you can do that.

Getting maximum profit by recycling:

  1. Find recycling centers near you:
    The First step is to look for recycling centers near your place since if it is too far then it will cost a lot of fuel to get there and won’t be that much profitable. Go online and search for recycling centers near you. You can look for them on websites like Recyclingcenters.org or Earth911. These websites will not only provide you with information on the nearest recycling center but also what kind of items they accept. It is recommended to call the center and find out yourself how old and what kind of materials they accept. Make sure you check for specialty websites too (like gazelle and tonerbuyer) who buys from everything from you including used smartphones to used ink cartridges.
  2. Recycle your used Cardboard Boxes:Everyone uses Amazon. You must be using Amazon too. And because of Amazon we get lots of cardboard boxes. Most of us usually throw the boxes in bins after unpacking the product or just put the boxes on our storeroom. You can make money from your used boxes by selling them on craigslist or boxcycle. There are many people moving out and they always look for boxes. This makes it easy to sell boxes online.
  3. Recycle used plastic containers:
    Plastic is recyclable. In some states, you are required to pay a small amount of money as a deposit while purchasing products packed in a plastic or such. You can later get the deposit back if you take them to a local plastic recycling center. You can also sell the plastic at the nearest plastic recycling center that pays you for the products by weight. Some people even collect the plastic bottles from a whole neighborhood and takes them to the plastic recycling centers for selling.
  4. Recycle Electronic Waste:
    E-waste such as your used mobile phones contains lead, mercury and brominated flame retardants that can generate a lot of waste and pollute the environment. They should be safely disposed of. There are some easy ways of doing so and some companies will even pay you for doing it. You can contact companies such as gazelle, greenbuyback and yourenew. They will buy anything from your used cell phones to used ink cartridges for good money and some of these companies will even offer you the choice to put the money you made from recycling towards a charity of your choice.
  5. Recycle Scrap metal for money:
    Most of the metallic waste you generate maybe during construction or renovation has good value. Generally, ferrous metals are less valuable than non-ferrous metals. You can easily distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals since ferrous metals contain iron, so you can get a magnet and check if it sticks to the magnet. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals usually contain copper and brass. Scrap metal recyclers will pay you the most money for copper. Go online and search for scrap metal yards near you. Call them and ask how much they will pay you for scrap metal, and bring them your stuff.



Recycling not only helps the environment but also helps the poor people. Thus, I hope this article will help with your problems with money. It might not be as grand as having a corporate business, but it will surely help.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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