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Sustainable Management is the Future

sustainable managementAs we know, the process of managing organizations is quite complex on itself. Traditional methods have worked in the past and have brought them a great amount of success and profit, but with the evolution of the climate conditions and market demands, things have changed.

How it has affected Business

Not only people, but organizations and governments have become more aware of the need to change practices in order to continue their activity. The changes have been noticeable, not only in the way people see the world, but also how they treat it. People have become self-conscious of the way they live, and have started making changes. With this, their needs and wants have changed in the process, opening up opportunities and creating a gap for new products and services.

This has not only affected what companies offer, but also how they operate. Organizations of course are driven by profit, and way of operating that would cause them their clients is not a good way to continue. But not only that, with the changes of technology it has become more expensive to operate the old way.

This is where sustainable management comes from. The need to operate in a way that is friendlier to the environment and their pockets has pushed them to a more sustainable management.

What is Sustainable Management?

Sustainable management is the application of sustainability practises in the management process. The application of sustainable practises makes sure we manage our resources to benefit current and future generations. By this logic, sustainable management must mean the assurance that the resources the company operates on are available in the future. The practises of a business should be sustainable if they wish to stay in business in the future.

The literal

Sustainability can be applied to many things, as literal and abstract. Examples of the literal changes that come with a sustainable management are the management of waste, electricity alternatives, etc. By making changes on their waste and electricity, businesses can see improvements in the moment, (ex. Changing to eco light bulbs, Recycling). There they can see a lower electricity bill and the ability to sell your trash to recycling companies.

The abstract

The abstract changes, usually have to do with the way companies treat their employees. By changing older practices, they can lower worker turnover, and ultimately create a more stable and sustainable workplace.

This has really pushed the sustainability agenda forward. Businesses have started changing their practises and turning towards more sustainable practises. So now, a company’s reason for existence is not only current profit, but the ability to profit in the future also.

But managing a sustainable business and creating a sustainable workplace is not an easy task. Businesses need specialized professionals to deal with these matters in the way that is most profitable for the company and the environment. People with an MBA in Sustainability Management are usually the people most qualified to run this process.

Ultimately, sustainability is a concept that applies in all spheres of life. That means that businesses are bound to conform to it if they want to continue their activity for a longer period of time.

Clay Miller
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