Be a Coffee Drinker That Takes Care of the Planet

eco coffee drinkerAlmost everyone loves coffee. That’s why the production of coffee is so big around the world. There are tens of billions of pounds make every year in more than 50 countries. This means that we cannot always be environmentally friendly at all times. But that doesn’t mean that we can just stay like that and ignore the possibility to reduce the carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly cups are really what you need to take care of the planet.

We’ve written this article to show you the best tips on how to become an eco-friendly coffee drinker.

You should only get certified organic coffee

To do this, we can get through so much trouble, since you have to go through the process of being 100% certified by the organic coffee company, but it’s really worth it, since the coffee is not treated with any chemical substances, such as herbicides, insecticides or pesticides – not even synthetic fertilizers that are used for the conventional coffee. These chemicals can mean a contaminationof land, air and water and will affect the health of the farmers and the people who consume it.

Buy a reusable coffee mug

We all know that paper, plastic and styrofoam cups aren’t really the most eco-friendly one we could choose. However, you can always go for reusable mugs – they will save the extra waste to get to the landfills. And the amazing part is that they keep your coffee hot or cold, as you wish.

Go for compostable disposable cups

If you don’t like the idea of the reusable coffee mug (or you simply forget about it every morning) then find a coffee shop that offers certified compostable disposable cups. Many of the paper cups that they sell aren’t really biodegradable or recyclable – they are lined with petroleum so you can avoid the liquid content to spill. The certified compostable cups are lined, too, but with non-harmful organic materials that are actually made from plants.

Metal spoons and liquid sugar

Replace the wooden sticks and the sugar packets with metal spoons and liquid sugar. It’s such a waste to throw away the wooden stir sticks and the paper sweetener packets. You don’t have to kill the planet, you can take with you a metal spoon instead and you can use liquid sugar, or agave nectar or honey to sweeten your coffee.

Make the most out of permanent coffee filters

If you like to make your coffee at home, then you should try a permanent coffee filter, which is made out of stainless steel and get rid of the traditional paper that most people use. You won’t have to worry about going to waste anymore and this filter is the best, since the coffee oils will get easily into the cup.

If, however, you’re not keen on using it, you can try the biodegradable paper filters.

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