Green Living With Solar Energy

solar energyAlthough traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuel and hydropower have played a crucial role in technological advancement, it is now high time to start thinking of other alternatives. There are mainly two reasons for this. The first is that since fossil fuel is non-renewable, it’s only a matter of a few hundred years, or even less, before we will run out of them. Without a viable alternative, the world will suddenly fall back to the Dark Age once again. The second is, of course, the damage fossil fuel has done to the environment. Fortunately, the world is rising up to this fact and many green companies are coming up with a number of alternatives.

When thinking of clean energy – a name given to the process of generating power without harming the environment – the two that immediately come to mind are hydropower and solar power. Although extensively in use, hydropower has its limitations. It is expensive to build and still more expensive to distribute. On top of that, not all places are endowed with abundant water resources. That leaves solar power. The light and heat from the sun are free, and there is an inexhaustible supply. All that is needed is a technology to harness this free and inexhaustible source of energy. Fortunately, the technology exists and an increasing number of green companies and environment-conscious people are opting for it.

Solar power can be harnessed in two ways. The first is as a direct source of heat. Many homes utilize solar power to heat water using a simple low-tech mechanism. The second is high-tech and is used to generate electricity using a set of solar panels, batteries and inverter. This has given rise to the concept of sustainable home design, which basically means that a house should generate its own power without harming the environment. This can be achieved by installing solar panels. As well as a range of solar power companies out there who can fit and install your solar system, there are now DIY solar panels that are easy to install and maintain. These have made solar energy accessible to everyone.

Besides using sunlight to heat water and generate energy, a sustainable home design also focuses on conserving energy. Many homes have swimming pools and a lot of the water is wasted through evaporation. This can be prevented by installing solar pool covers that prevent evaporation. Pool covers are made of UV-stabilized polyethylene or vinyl and are highly durable. They can also reduce chemical consumption and help keep the water cleaner and safer. They can also help keep the pool warm during cold seasons.

When implementing a sustainable home design, it is always advisable to go to eco-friendly companies that really care for the environment and have the experience in their chosen area, whether it be solar power companies or those focused on renewable energy, who can help your home become more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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